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Korrnell Academy Required Degrees: BS/BA/MS/MA/PhD
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Science , Math/Physics , Arts, Computer Science, Music, PE, Administrator,
Details: We are seeking teachers with the start work day on 2/13/2017 or 8/30/2017.
Korrnell Academy, a top-rated, fastest-growing Chinese-English bilingual school, awaits
your arrival!
Korrnell Academy is a diversified-culture, Chinese-English bilingual private school (a
grade school rather than a cram school or language center) in Hsinchu County. We
provide an equivalent of American courses to nurture our children to grow happily and
healthily. Under the schools’ diversified cultures and international visions, they are able
to keep pace with modern world. Currently there are about 1800 students and about 50
Native English Speaking Teachers at Korrnell Academy.
We are looking for English Humanities/Science/Math/PE/Art/Computer/Music
/Elementary/Kindergarten teachers for Korrnell Academy
for the 2nd semester of 2016-2017 school year.or for the 2017-18 school year.
1. Be a licensed teacher in English-speaking nations. For non-licensed teachers, they
need to have TESOL /TEFL certificates.
2. An education-related or subject-related BA or MA degree is preferred.
3. Solid teaching background is favorable.
Attractive Pay Package:
1. A competitive initial salary for a non-certified teacher or a state certified teacher for the
first 3 months probation period. Then we will give you salary increase if you
pass the probation.
2. Discounted furnished accommodation near school for a single teacher.
3. Extra bonus for a state certified teacher, including partial air fare compensation for
good performance upon the completion of annual contract.
Our advantages over other schools/language institutions in Taiwan and other countries
1. Korrnell Academy’s English program l follows American
curriculums and use American teaching materials. We provide all the necessary
resources, such as teaching aids, answer keys, text books, student books, practice
books etc.
2.Our schools employ currently more than 60 experienced foreign teachers from all
over the world that you can acquire knowledge from.
3.The English proficiency level of Korrnell students compares excellently and favorably
with any other schools / language institutes in Taiwan and other Non-Native English
Speaking countries. Most parents of our students work at a nearby Hsinchu Science-
based Industrial Park(Taiwan’s “Silicon Valley“) as engineers, managers, directors,
CEOs etc. These parents very much care about their children’s education and appreciate
the fine quality education Korrnell Academy has
4.Our schools has a strong management team that knows its goals. We have a loyal and
united teaching staff that respect their superiors and enjoy what they do.
5.We offer an excellent financially stable compensation package due to a steadily
increase in student numbers. Our remuneration includes a competitive salary and other
School Location:
The school is located in a thriving area in a 10-minute walking distance to Hsinchu
Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR, bullet train). You can shop at Carrefour
nearby and sip coffee at Starbucks nearby. The established Ton-Yen General Hospital,
an associate of Korrnell, will provide you good medical treatment, when you are in
emergency. By THSR, within 30 minutes you can arrive in Taipei City, Taiwan’s capital
with the population of 2.6 millions.
Those who are interested in the position are welcomed to apply attaching a copy of
resume /CV, the latest photo respectively, teacher’s license, TEFL certificates, college
diploma, and photo-passport.

Shanghai Expatsourcing Education Required Degrees: Bachelor degree, Teacher Licence or TEFL/TESOL
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: (160K-300k RMB/year before tax+ housing)Primary School ESL/Math/Science/Art
Teachers Needed In February 2017  In Huzhou city, Zhejiang province,China (Only 30
minutes away from Shanghai by fast train)
1.ESL/Art teachers: 160K-180K RMB/year + housing
2.Math/Sciences: 250K-300K RMB/year + housing
1.Apartment: private single apartment;
2.Paid vacation: winter holiday,
3.Airfare reimbursement;
4..A work visa (Z-visa) and a foreign certificate must be provided for you.
1.Contract: one year contract;
2.Full time position including teaching hours: about  20 periods of 40 minutes a week 
3.Working days: Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm;
4.The location of the schools: Huzhou city, Zhejiang province;
Position Requirements:
1.Bachelor Degree or above;  
2o years international primary school teaching experiences or more;
3. English Native Speakers, prefer British and Australian;
4. Prefer British/Australian Teacher license;
(up to 20,000/m before tax+ housing)Middle/High School Math/Science/ESL Teachers
Needed In February 2017  In Jiamusi city, Heilongjiang province;China
1.Monthly salary: 15,000/m  to 20,000/m before tax;
2.Apartment: private single apartment;
4.Paid vacation: winter holiday,
5.Airfare reimbursement;
6.A work visa (Z-visa) and a foreign certificate must be provided for you.
1.Contract: one year contract;
2.Full time position including teaching hours: up to 20 periods of 40 minutes a week 
3.Working days: Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm;
4.The location of the schools: Jiamusi city, Heilongjiang province;
Position Requirements:
1.Bachelor Degree or above;  
2o years related AP/A-level/IB teaching experiences or more;
3. English Native Speakers;
(14000RMB/m - 22000RMB/m , 4000/m housing allowance, 2 months’ paid
holiday)Homeroom Kindergarten/Middle School English teachers Needed in Feb 2017 in
in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, China
(up to 21,000 RMB/m after tax)Full Time kids’ training school Teachers Needed in middle
Feb in Qingpu district, Shanghai
(up to 18,000RMB/m, housing) AP ESL/Economics Teachers Needed in Feb 2017 in
1.Chengdu city, Sichuan province(Require females);
ESL position: 10,000RMB/m +housing
2.Xinxiang city, Henan province;
Economics position: up to 18,000 RMB/m + housing;
1. Number of positions: 2;
2. Position: Teaching 16 to 18 years old students;
3. Perioud: One year contract;
4. The number of students in a class: less than 25
5. 20 lessons teaching a week; 40 minutes a lesson
6. Working days: Monday to Friday;
1.      Salary:up to 20,000 RMB/m before tax;
2.Housing provided or Housing allowance: 1,500/m;
3.  Annual insurance will be purchased for you.
4.  Paid holiday: Fully paid winter holiday and other public holidays;
5.  Return Airfare reimbursement;
6.  A one-year work visa (Z-visa) and a foreign certificate will be provided for you. The
related costs will be covered by the school.
1. Native speakers from US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Ireland,
2. Bachelor degree or above;
3. two-year related teaching experience. 
(up to 20k RMB /m before tax or more) 30 Online One-on-One American/Canadian
English Teachers Needed ASAP in Beijing;
This online training company has more than 6,000 teachers in the world. They have
pretty sound training system and great working environment. Each online class is only 25
minutes. You will teach a lot of students everyday. If you get students pay for renewals,
the bonus will be provided which could be a few thousand per month.
1. Starting Date: ASAP
2. Students: 3-12 years old; 
3. Working hours: 1pm to 10 pm on the weekend or 3 days on the weekday. (2 days off
on the weekday) (lunch/dinner and other break between in)
4. Location: near 西二旗 Xierqi station of line 13;
5. The number of students: one-on-one;
6. One year contract. 
1. Monthly salary: up to 20000 RMB/m before tax ;
2. No housing provided;
3. Social Security provided;
4. A work visa (Z-visa) will be provided;
5.Traffic reimbursement provided;
Contact: Cory; Wechat ID: 15601689479; Skype ID: expatsourcing
Please provide your resume with one photo of you and put your name, nationality, age,
job you are interested in the subject of your email.
We also have many other jobs. Let me know your requirements. I will try to find a suitable
job for you.
Shanghai Bright Education has been running a FEC Bureau-recognized 120-hour
TESOL course with a very reasonable price of RMB4500.  We are authorized by the
world-famous American TESOL Institute to provide such a course. The lifelong-valid
TESOL certificate can be used for getting a foreign expert certificate and a work visa in
China, and is recognized

RAY English TEFL Recruitment Required Degrees: Degree+ TEFL/TESOL/CELTA
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: RAY English Recruitment is China’s #1 TEFL jobs agency for native-speaking teachers.
We do all of the leg work, answer your concerns and make finding the very best jobs in
China as easy as 1, 2, 3.
With over 20 combined years of China TEFL experience, we are in the right place to help
you towards the best schools, making sure you understand each step fully and will move
forward with clarity and confidence.
We first speak to you to find the age of students you want to teach, the cities you are
most interested in living in and the type of school you want to teach at. We then narrow
down our search from our 1000+ schools across China to offer you interviews direct with
school managers, saving you time and a lot of headaches. Importantly, we’ll steer you
safely through the minefield that finding a job in China can sometimes be. You are in safe
We are a British-owned company working right here in China since 2008 and have
industry-wide recognition and respect for our work with teachers. If you are looking for a
teaching job in China, then you have found the right company to help you. We sincerely
believe that we are the best.
Email us your CV and we can start your hire process today.
100% free.
100% of the time.
Stuart Allen
Operations Director
RAY English Recruitment

Required Degrees: Bachelor’s degree and higher
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , ESL to Children , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: ★★★ (Up to 30,000 RMB + Benefits) ESL + Subjects instructors (Beijing, Guangdong,
Shandong, Henan, Yunnan & Hebei) for Top universities and schools ★★★
Job Descriptions & Benefits
Position #1:
The school affiliated to Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is looking for Ten (10)
ESL instructors to be starting in March 2017. Teach an average of 20-25 hours per week.
Monthly salary ranging between 11,000 RMB and 13,000 RMB depends on qualification
and experience, housing allowances will be provided, work five (5) days/week, teach
small class with less than 12 pupils per class, a roundtrip airfare reimbursement upon the
completion of contract, housing, utilities and internet will be included, paid Chinese public
holidays, health and accidental insurance.
Position #2:
The school affiliated to Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is looking for Three (3)
subject instructors (Literature, Mathematic & Biology) to be starting in March 2017. Teach
an average of 22-25 hours per week to high school students. Monthly salary ranging
between 20,000 RMB and 30,000 RMB plus 4,000 RMB housing allowance depends on
qualification and experience, work five (5) days/week, 2-month bonus , a roundtrip airfare
reimbursement upon the completion of contract, housing, utilities and internet will be
included, pay overtime, paid Chinese public holidays, health and accidental insurance.
Position #3:
Beijing Zhongde School (K-12) is looking for two (2) instructors to be starting in March
2017. Teach an average of 20-25 hours per week. Salary ranging from 15,000 RMB and
higher depends on qualification and experience, a roundtrip airfare included upon the
completion of the contract, paid Chinese public holidays, accommodation allowance,
health and accidental insurance.
Position #4:
The school affiliated to Beijing International Studies University (BISU) is looking for three
(3) ESL instructors to be starting in March 2017. Teach an average of 18-20 hours per
week. Monthly salary ranging from 19,000 RMB and higher (Housing allowance of 4,000
RMB) depends on qualification and experience, a roundtrip airfare reimbursement up to
RMB 13,000, paid Chinese public holidays, health and accidental insurance.
Position #5:
Beijing New Talent Academy is looking for one (1) ESL instructor to be starting in March
2017. The ESL instructors will teach an average of 20-22 hours per week with 40 minutes
per lesson. Salary ranging from 15,000 RMB and higher depends on qualification and
experience, pay bonus upon the completion of contract, paid Chinese public holidays,
health and accidental insurance, and many others.

Position #6:
Guangdong Sanshui Foreign Language School is looking three (3) ESL instructors to be
starting in March 2017. The ESL instructors with teach an average of 20-25 hours per
week. Monthly salary ranging from 10,000 RMB and higher depends on the qualification
and experience; benefits include free accommodation, paid Chinese public and school
holidays, health and accidental insurance, and many others.
Position #7:
Best Learning Shijiazhuang Center is located in Hebei province, and is looking for two (2)
ESL instructors to be starting in March 2017. Teach an average of 20-25 hours per week.
Monthly salary ranging from 10,000 RMB and higher depends on qualification and
experience, paid Chinese public holidays, and housing allowance is 1,000 RMB/month.
Position #8:
Beijing No. 18 Secondary School is looking for one (1) ESL instructor to be filled starting
from March 2017. Teach approximately 20-25 hours/week. Monthly salary of RMB
15,000 to RMB 18,000 with paid winter break, and summer vacation. Paid Chinese public
and school holidays, health and accidental insurance, a roundtrip airfare reimbursement
of RMB 6,000, and many others.
Position #9:
Henan Xinyang Normal University is looking for One (1) ESL instructor to be starting from
March 2017. The ESL instructors with teach an average work hour of 12-18 hours per
week with 45 minutes per lesson. Monthly salary ranging from 7,000 to 8,000 RMB
depends on qualification and experience, free accommodation, paid Chinese public
holidays, health and accidental insurance, and many others.
Position #10:
Great Man Dalian International Language School is looking for Two (2) ESL instructors to
be starting in March 2017. Teach an average of 20-25 hours per week. Monthly salary
ranging between 11,000 RMB and 13,000 RMB depends on qualification and experience,
work five (5) days/week, a roundtrip airfare reimbursement upon the completion of
contract, housing included, paid Chinese public holidays, health and accidental
Position #11:
Shangdong Lightbird International Education is looking for One (1) SAT instructors to be
starting in March 2017. Teach an average of 20-25 hours per week. Monthly salary
ranging between 15,000 RMB and 20,000 RMB depends on qualification and experience,
a roundtrip airfare.

The Language Boutique Required Degrees: Bachelors degree, PGCE, CELTA
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , Math/Physics ,  
To provide English language and Maths instruction to The Language Boutique’s clients.
• Design and implement a tailor made programme for the students, who primarily
attend international schools.
• Ensure that student’s goals are achieved
• Deliver tuition in a fun and creative manner
• Cater to the student’s specific educational needs
• Complete required administrative paperwork
• Ability to teach both adults and children in group and private one to one classes
• Previous teaching experience
• Degree educated from a reputable university
• CELTA qualification preferred
• PGCE or equivalent recognised teaching certification
The ideal candidate will possess a bright and enthusiastic personality along with a
passion for teaching. The candidate is required to train students of all abilities and needs
to be able to conduct themselves in a professional yet warm manner at all times.
Prior experience of teaching English as Foreign Language or Maths in another country

International School of English Required Degrees: Must hold a four year university degree
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , Science , Math/Physics , ESL to Business
Details: English teaching Post starting Mid March 2017. We will be accepting applications for
February and March -ISE Yokohama, Japan -Beautiful English school with locations in
Aobadai and Tama Plaza (Both campuses located on the Denentoshi line just minutes
from Tokyo and Central Yokohama) is currently accepting applications for professional
experienced English teachers. Candidates must be native English speakers, hold a
bachelor’s degree or the equivalent from an accredited university and at least two
consecutive years of teaching experience are required. We are also accepting
applications for part time teachers for weekend shifts as well as part time French
Strong consideration will be given to candidates with experience teaching adults, children
and business courses. We welcome CELTA/TESOL/DELTA certificate holders as well as
teachers holding traditional teaching credentials/licenses.
Teachers are expected to be able to adapt to students needs throughout the day,
specifically children of all ages, teenagers, university students, and adults whom wish to
improve conversational ability and/or business language.
We are also looking for teachers that have a strong technical teaching background in
subject based lessons and feel comfortable teaching academic lessons such as History,
Science, Social Studies, English literature and Math.

Personal qualities should include a positive attitude, professional demeanour and
appearance, flexibility, and the ability to work as a member of a closely-knit team. This is
a team teaching system and the position requires teachers to constantly communicate in
order for teachers within the team to maximize and build the students’ English ability.
Candidates must have a strong work ethic and take pride in their profession as teachers.
Applicants should be outgoing, communicative and energetic. This position requires a
great deal of responsibility as well as a high work ethic.
While there are a great deal of expectations, it is also extremely rewarding. Mentoring
students in order to achieve a specific goal; whether it is passing a specific test, prepare
them for moving or travelling abroad, improving their abilities for business situations, or
build their overall speaking ability.
Teaching repertoire and skill set for children should include the ability to teach student
cantered lessons focusing on independent narrative, phonics, role-play as well as games
and activities that re-enforce TL (target language being taught). Our teaching
Methodology is very close to the PAL method.
We are seeking teachers that are enthusiastic with children yet have the sophistication
and experience to work with adults and deliver academic based lessons to returnees –
students that have lived abroad and require traditional academic based lessons

School Profile

ISE has a first-rate reputation for its high quality of teaching and customer support,
welcoming atmosphere and elegant interiors.

We pride ourselves on being a “school with a difference” that provides students with both
strong curriculum and a nurturing environment.

Our schools target market is upper-class families and business professionals with clear
professional and academic goals.

We offer both private and group lessons, each lasting 50 minutes, with no more than 4
students per group for children and 3 for adults with a great number of our students
taking private lessons

Approximately half of the children enrolled have returned from extended stays abroad
and a portion of those follows a subject-based curriculum (history, social studies,
literature, math, etc.)

The schools provide the teacher with both a curriculum to follow as well as wealth of
support materials. Our schools are unique due to the abundance of resources able to be
used and the excellent, specified programs for both children and adults. We also
incorporate technology into the classroom and teachers have I Pad’s and lap tops at their
disposal to use during their lessons.
Responsibilities include:

Giving clear, focused and challenging lessons to a wide variety of students. You must be
able to teach non-reading beginner lessons, conversation-based lessons, grammar-
based lessons and business lessons to students of all ages, levels and ability.
• Establishing a rapport with your students and creating a lesson dynamic that
encourages the student to excel.
• Writing detailed progress reports regarding student’s performance noting specifics
regarding lesson details.
• Communicating with the other staff members, as well as the School Managers,
Head or Lead teachers, regarding students’ progress and abilities.

Benefits and Salary

Teaching contracts are one year with the option to renew annually. Starting Salaries
range from 250,000 to 280,000 yen a month depending on experience and qualifications
.We also offer completion bonuses and incentives.

China Eslconsultant
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Science , Math/Physics , math,sicence, biz etc
Details: China Eslconsultant is hiring ESL and international school subject teachers for schools
all over China, students age level from 3 to adults 40 years old, school types covers
government K-12, universities, international kindergartens, international schools or
programs, private kids training center or adults training center.
1. International middle/high school math,science,arts ,music teachers wanted --
Beijing,Guilin, Guiyang,Wuxi city, Shenzhen,Hangzhou etc parts
wanted Asap
Mon to Fri work schedule.
Pay: around 15K to 20K per month
House: Rent allowance or free apartment
Insurance: international full insurance including medical and other
Round international flight allowance
Applicants with relevant sujects teaching and teaching cert preferred
2. University ESL teaching job -(Xi’an, Zhejiang, Hebei Tangshan, Baoding, Inner
Huhhot, Zhejiang Taizhou, Shanxi Jinzhong etc)
Mon to Fri work schedule, 14-18 teaching classes per week no office hours
Salary : 5500-8,000RMB per month( changzhou, Jinzhong, Shangqiu etc,), 8000-
10000RMB for Hubei JIngmen, zhejiang taizhou, Hebei Tangshan etc
Free well-furnished apartment.
Z visa
International flight allowance teacher( biology,chemistry, math, IELTS etc) Yiwu, Guilin, Chongqing, Beijing,
Dongying tec.
Mon to Fri work schedule, 14-18 teaching classes per week no office hours
Salary : 15000 or more
Free private apartment, free utilities, free meals
free insurance+ fround international flight allowance
4. English Language school for kids 3-15 years old ( training schools all over China)
Job location: Inner Mongolia, Beijing,Changchun,Haerbin, Yangzhou, Dalian,
Shijiazhuang, Shanghai,Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Nanjing, Jinan, Nantong,
Wenzhou, Urumuqi, coastal city in
Dalian,Xiamen,Xi’An,Qingdao, Weihai,Yantai,Ningbo, Linhai, Nanning, city ., Guangxi-
Nanjing etc. etc. all over China
Contract: ongoing, one year, renewable.
Work loads: 16-25 teaching classes per week
Students age: 5-14 years old.
Class size: 5-12
Salary:8,500-15,000 per month, Free well-furnished private or shared apartment or
apartment allowance
young applicants without degree holder can apply.
4. Adults English Language school
Job location: areas around Shanghai mostly in Jiangsu,, Zhejiang ect cities ,
Guangzhou city, Dalian, Xuzhou, Zhanjiagang, Jiaxing, Taicang,Dongguan, Guangzhou,
Shenzhen ect.
Contract: ongoing starts for one year, renewable.
Work loads: 20-25 teaching classes per week
Students age: 16+ years old.
Class size: 5-12
Salary:10000-16,000 per month, Free apartment or rent allowance will be provided

6. kindergartens
Job location: Beijing,Nanjing, Jinan, Chengdu city, Chongqing.Zhuhai
Foshan city, Wuxi city, Xuzhou, Guangzhou, zhuhai,Fuzhou, Ningbo,Rizhao,
Mon to Fri working schedule
Salary:10,000-13000RMB per month for EAL teacher and over 20K-23K per month
for international teacher, Free well-furnished private apartment or rent
allowance 2000-3000RMb Per month
Homeroom teacher for kindergarten with offer 20,000RMB per month a round plus free
apartment(Xuzhou,Beijing, Chengdu,Ningbo etc.
7. Study director wanted Hangzhou, Nanjing, etc--Nearby Shanghai. Pay is around 12K
to 18k, Must be experience DOS.
8 . near native English speakers from Europe or non native with degree in native English
speaking countries, require young and good accent, prefer applicant who can get their
own visa, location available: Dongguan, Tianjin, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xi’an, Linyi etc
various cities.
salary is around 8000-10000RMB per month plus free apartment or rent allowance
9. more jobs available upon your specific interest.
for application. Please contact us by e-mail with your expectation regarding job
location/pay/subject to teach/ students

Golden Staffing Required Degrees: Bachelor degree + certificates preferred
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp ,  
Details: Salary Range: $18,000-36,000 annually depending on qualifications and experience.
No experience required. Candidates with teaching licenses and certificates receive
higher salaries.
Contract completion bonus: Contract completion bonus ranges from $1,000 to one
month’s salary.
Private Housing provided. Housing is typically private apartment. Housing allowance also
possible for those wishing to rent their own accommodations
Student age: Student age varies on position from young learners to university and
business professionals.
Airfare Reimbursement: Airfare reimbursement allowance at the end of contract
*We have 700+ schools in our network. We would be more than happy to make sure you
get what you are promised. Please find us on Skype at your convenience.

CYC Education Required Degrees: Bachelor
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , Kindergarten , High School , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: CYC Education is an international company focused on creating strong education
systems across China. We look for high quality teachers and educational directors
(principals, superintendents, etc.) that can lead and inspire their students in the
classroom. We are searching from a diverse pool of candidates that may have different
experience levels, teaching backgrounds, and subject knowledge. There are open
positions in all grade levels, varying from preschool to college at multiple locations in
To apply for the position, please submit a resume and a photo of yourself sent via email
to hrcyceducation with the subject title “Application for China Teacher Position” or
“Application for China Educational Director Position” and we will contact you as soon as
Qualifications for Teachers:
1. Native English speakers only
2. A minimum of two years teaching experience
3. Bachelor’s degree from a 4-year undergraduate program. Must have graduated from
college for at least 2 years to be considered for the position.
4. Prefer individuals who can teach the following American High School Courses:
• Math (Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometric Function)
• Science (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry)
• Electives (Art, Music, Performing, Robot, STEM, and etc.)
• Physical Education (Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Badminton, and etc.)
• Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, and etc.)
5. Also looking for individuals who can teach the following AP Courses:
• AP Economics
• AP Mathematics
• AP History
• AP Government
• AP Physics
• AP Chemistry
• And More
Qualifications for Educational Directors:
1. A minimum of 5 years of experience in managing a school or educational facility at
an executive level.
2. Must have comprehensive understanding of teaching standards and curriculum
requirements of schools at various levels.
3. Needs to have, at least, a master’s degree in any related educational field.
4. Experience in a multicultural learning environment is preferred.
5. Ability to interact with a diverse population of students and a strong commitment to
understanding their cultures.
• For Teachers: A competitive annual gross salary of $15,800 - $40,000
commensurate with experience and qualifications.
• For Educational Directors: A competitive annual gross salary commensurate with
experience, qualifications, education, and position.
• Schools abroad offer a comprehensive benefits package including:
o Health insurance
o Cash advancement
o Legal and financial services in both China and United States
o Career development programs
o On campus housing or housing allowance is provided
o Airfare and relocation service
o Annual paid vacation
o Sick and personal leave
If you have any questions regarding teaching in China, please feel free to email us.

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MIC-Minh Quang International Cooperation., JSC Required Degrees: Degree and teaching certificate
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp ,  
1-full time vacancies:
-Levels: Almost for kids and students from primary to high school.
-Type of class: We have kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and high
schools in our system that you can choose the suitable level.
-Number of students: From 20 to 30 per class.
-Books: Family and friends, Let’s go, Solutions.
-Following a syllabus and using provided supplementary materials to deliver engaging
lessons focused on improving communication skills
-Teaching locations: HCM, Dong Nai, Can Tho, and the North of Vietnam: in and around
-Gender: None
-Age: 21-45.
-Nationality: US, UK, Canadian, Australian, Irish, South African, Scottish, New Zealand
-Humorous, funny, friendly, dynamic and responsible person.
-Able to work from 6-12 months.
-Bachelor and a teaching certificate
-Time to start: ASAP
-Full materials supported.
-Free training course supplied if needed.
-Supported with travelling to the classes.
-Supported with working visa.
-Supported with residence card up to 10 years. With residence card, you don’t need to
get the visa up to 10 years.
-Support 100% fee of making work permit.
-Salary: From 1300 to 1500$ per month within 25 hours per week. The payment is after
-Payment method: Monthly in cash or transfer.
-Setup of a local bank account. Help to open your ATM card.
-Overtime: From 101 hour will be paid 15-17$ per hour.
-Long contract at least 6 months.
-Year reward: 300-500$ (a year contract).
-Year bonus: 600$ for second and third working year.
-Airport picking up for free.
-At least 1 day off per week.
-Able to change the location to discover many beautiful places.
-Vietnamese assistant for free, Vietnamese exchange and Vietnamese lessons for free.
-Ongoing training in a group setting
-Intensive paid induction program
-Professional development opportunities
-Self-study materials for ongoing development
-Accommodation is provided with air conditioner and hot water, pillows, blanket, water
and electric (when working outside Hanoi and HCM)
-12 days off for holiday per year, inc. Christmas.
-Payment method: Monthly and in cash or transfer to ATM.
Number of vacancies: 20
2-Part time vacancies: Number of vacancies: 20
-Levels: Almost for kids and students from primary to high school.
-Type of class: We have kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and high
schools in our system that you can choose the suitable level.
-Number students: From 10 to 20 per class.
-Books: Family and friends, Let’s go, Solutions.
-Teaching locations: Hanoi and HCM city.
-Gender: None
-Age: 21-45.
-Nationality: US, UK, Canadian, Australian, Irish, South African, Scottish, New Zealand,
other European countries with negotiable salary.
-Humorous, funny, friendly, dynamic and responsible person.
-Able to work from 6-12 months.
-Time to start: ASAP
-Full materials supported.
-Free training course supplied for free if needed.
-Supported with working visa.
-Help to make work permit and residence card. With residence card, you don’t need to
get the visa up to 10 years.
-Salary: Start from 18-23$ per hour after tax. And you can get as many hours as you
want. Raising the salary after 1-3 months up to 1.5 $ more per hour.
-Long contract at least 6 months.
-Able to change the location to discover many beautiful places.
-Vietnamese assistant for free, Vietnamese exchange and Vietnamese lessons for free.
-Ongoing training in a group setting
-Intensive paid induction program
-Professional development opportunities
-Self-study materials for ongoing development
- Welfare team support, with 24/7 emergency assistance.
-Payment method: Monthly and in cash or transfer to ATM.

Beijing Royal Kindergarten Required Degrees: BA and above
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Science , Math/Physics , IBDP.IBMYP
Details: Beijing Royal School is a leading international boarding school, located in the Changping District of Beijing, China. With
a campus of 100,000 square meters, distinguished faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology in most
classrooms, well-equipped science laboratories, a library, and collaboration with top high schools and universities, we
are making great strides to improve international education in Beijing. The facilities and top-notch faculty provide
students with an inspiring environment in which to grow academically, emotionally, and physically. With help from our
hard-working teachers and staff, our outstanding graduates go on to top universities around the world.
We offer a standard Chinese curriculum in line with all local requirements and standards augmented by International
Baccalaureate (IB) courses (Grades K-12) and the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum (grades 7-12). Teachers are offered
flexibility in tailoring the curriculum to best suit the needs of their students. Our high school students prepare for their
university studies by taking either British A-Level courses or American Advanced Placement (AP) courses. In addition,
they train for university entrance examinations by taking coursework preparing their IELTS, TOEFL iBT, SAT and ACT
English Teacher for Young Learners, Home-room Teacher, IB English Teacher
Primary School (Grade1-6)
ESL Teacher, Home-room Teacher, Dance Teacher, P.E. Teacher, Art Teacher, Science Teacher, IB Teacher, IB
Subject Teacher, Football Coach
Middle School (Grade7-9)
Oral English Teacher, Music Teacher, P.E. Teacher, Art Teacher, Science Teacher, IB Subject Teacher.
High School (Grade10-12)
Language Courses: ACT Reading, GAC English, Pre AP English, TOEFL Prep, IELTS Prep, SAT Prep, College &
Academic Writing.
Subject, IB Subjects and AP (Honor)/A-Level Courses: Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Business
Administration, Accounting.
IT Coordinators (Computer Science bachelor degree or above): Work for the ICT and Mobile Learning programs.
We are looking for teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching and obtaining solid professional knowledge, who can
develop a strong rapport with the students and are team players.
1.Minimum of Bachelor Degree in English or Education (Teaching License preferred), or a subject relevant to academic
vacancies with at least two years of full-time teaching experience (with language teaching certificate preferred).
2.Native or Near-Native levels of proficiency in English.
Employment Benefits:
1.C & B Package: RMB 16000-50000/month.
2.Health insurance provided with no cost to teachers (Vision and Dental excluded).
3.Yearly round trip airfare from Beijing to your home country.
4.Relocation fee provided.
5.Paid summer and winter vacations (30 days paid vacation at Kindergarten) and all Chinese holidays in one school
6.Four percent (4%) of the total amount of completed twenty-four months’ salary.
7.Free accommodation is provided within a five-minute-walk from campus.
8.Subsidized meals at school cafeteria.
9.Regular/Annual physical checkup.
10.Assistance of Work Visa obtainment and renewal.
11.Free Chinese lessons on campus.
12.Field trips each semester, holiday gift / allowance, etc.
13.Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities.
Contact Information:
Ms. Isabel Si or Ms. Liu Hua Foreign Teacher Affairs Office

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Skyline Global Solutions Required Degrees: BA plus TEFL, see details for requirements
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , ESL to Children , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: Adventure Awaits! Institute and University Positions Available for ESL Instructors!
University Positions
Citizenships Open: UK, USA, Canada, South Africa
Institute Positions
Citizenships Open: UK, USA
ESL Instructors (University, International Schools, Institutions)
Start Date: Now through February 2017
Locations: Various Cities, Saudi Arabia
Gender: Male/Female
Skyline has multiple openings for well-established International Schools, Institutions and
Universities throughout Saudi Arabia. Your Journey starts here! Skyline will take you
(See Current Opportunities on our website for various positions and applicable full
For The International school positions- for children aged 3 – 18. The school is dedicated
to international education, while ensuring that students remain firmly rooted in their own
language and culture. The language of instruction is English and the school follows an
American curriculum.
Job Description
• Planning, preparing, and delivering lessons in line with CCSS curriculum
• Grading and report writing
• Assessing and reporting on student performance on a weekly basis
• Developing supplementary materials for core syllabi
• Attending staff meetings and/or workshops arranged by senior staff
• Communicating well with parents/guardians and establish good school-family
• Other assigned duties based on work needs

The successful candidate must meet the following requirements
· Native English speakers
· Hold a BA in Education, BA in related subject or equivalent
· Hold a PGCE or State Teaching License is highly preferred
· Have at least 1 year of relevant experience
· Up to $38,000 annual based on experience and qualifications
· Furnished accommodation provided
· Free flights to home country, Iqama visa provided and visa cost reimbursed
· Medical insurance
· Transportation to and from work
· Holidays as per the Saudi Ministry of Education academic year and school
Other Position Titles: ESL Instructors, Primary/Secondary Teachers
Location: Various Cities in Saudi Arabia (Dammam, Khobar, Qasim, Riyadh, Shaqra, and
Tabuk) For certain openings candidates must be flexible with the location of placement in
Saudi Arabia, as placement is based on business availability.
Type: University/Institute/International Schools
Gender: Male & Female
Duration: 1-2 year contracts
Availability: Now through February 2017
Basic Salary: up to $38,000 USA Tax Free Year plus perks!
Accommodations: Airport Pick up and Temporary Hotel accommodations are provided
until being moved to permanent housing.
Medical Coverage: Provided
Housing: Included
Training/Orientation: The training and orientation is provided at the school location. The
curriculum is pre-developed and will be discussed and provided. Institutions serve the
student population with US, British Standards Based Curriculum. Some of our clients
have in-house developed curriculum programs.
For FULL Details and to view all available positions, please visit us at the link below. Be
sure to click on Saudi Arabia in the COUNTRY field.
Are you ready? Start your journey now… with Skyline. You won’t find any packages
better than these for ESL Instructors in Saudi Arabia. Secure your position and apply
Know a teacher interested in working in Saudi Arabia? Ask about our ”Refer A Teacher”
program, which offers fees to the referrer if the teacher is successfully placed!
LIKE US on Facebook: Skyline Global Solutions
... Another position brought to you by Skyline Global Solutions… Your Journey Starts

Al-Forsan International Schools
Fields of Expertise: Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: Accommodation provided
Transportation allowance
Yearly round trip ticket to home country

Beijing KaiWen Academy Required Degrees: At least Bachelor Degree
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , ESL to Children , Science , Math/Physics , PE, ART, MUSIC
Details: Primary Homeroom Teacher(40k-70k dollars per year)

POSITION: The position of Primary Homeroom Teacher is being offered at KaiWen
Academy (KWA), a brand new bilingual international school which opened THE
The school will function as a day and boarding bilingual international school, providing
world-class education to Grades 1-12. The school is located at the foot of a beautiful and
historic Mountains in Haidian District of Beijing. The school has a stylish garden campus
with natural flora and a rich cultural background.
The brand new campus covers an area of 200 thousand square meters and it uses the
terrain, plants, garden features, and sports & leisure space to form a large concentrated
green land and open space to enable students to embrace nature.
The school fosters creative critical thinkers who are rooted in China and prepared to lead
in the global community. It will be a model international school harmonizing the best of
Western and Chinese education and culture and will develop the whole child, nurturing
individuals of exceptional character who will make positive contributions to the world.
Functioning as a bilingual immersion Chinese and English school, KWA will also promote
Chinese culture in a world context.
For this position the teacher will need to teach up to 15 classes weekly (of 45 minutes or
less) including an Enrichment Program or Club course:
English: 6
Comprehensive Reading: 1
Science Lab: 2 (in coordination with or assistance as needed with the Science Lab
Math: 1 (review class per week/introduction of Mathematical vocabulary in English)
IT / PBL: 1 (IT & Project-based Learning 1 class each bi-weekly)
Note: For Upper Primary (Grades 4-5, the classes taught are slightly different - English:
5; Science Lab: 4)
Basic Requirements:
-Enthusiasm for teaching and learning
-Interested in China, Chinese language and culture
-Five years full-time teaching experience
-Bachelor’s degree or higher
-Teaching certificate and/or TESOL certificate
-Optimistic, open-minded, good sense of humor, skilled communicator
-Team work spirit
Desired in candidates:
-International working experience
-Experience in a bilingual environment
-Ability to promote excellent standards of teaching and learning
-Ability and desire to innovate and improve the curriculum in assigned teaching area

-A passionate and highly talented team with a commitment to inspirational teaching
-A supportive & effective governing body who are committed to furthering professional
-A beautiful school with excellent facilities
-An extremely competitive salary and generous benefits package
-A strong community links between both expatriate and Chinese staff
-A housing allowance or the option to live in a newly renovated and furnished room on

Quality Education Holding Company (QEHC) Required Degrees: BA / MA degrees with TESOL/CELTA
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , High School , University , Math/Physics , ESL teaching, English teacher
Details: Quality Education Holding Company is looking for male and female ESL teachers to work
with Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, it is located in 13 cities: Riyadh,
Jeddah, Dammam, Buraydah, Tabuk, Madinah, Ahsa, Hafr Al-Batin, Khamis Mushait, Al-
Baha, Hail, Al-Jouf and Jazan across kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Quality Education Holding Company would like to cordially invite you for a job fair
opportunity in Toronto & Calgary ; Canada for ESL teaching positions in KSA.
You will get a chance to be met by our company representative; in which the hiring
process will be on-spot for those qualified candidates. All your inquiries will be answered
at the event
The location of the hotels could be viewed using the following links :
Courtyard Toronto Downtown
( January 15 , 16 , 17 from 8 am to 6 pm )
Delta Hotels by Marriott Calgary Downtown
( January 18 , 19 from 8 am to 6 pm )
Kindly send us your CV if you are currently residing outside Canada for an interview
arrangement with the recruitment team.
If you have a family member or a friend who is currently unemployed, please share this
message with him / her; as you will bring happiness into the hearts of those who are in
need of a job or those who are looking for better job opportunities.
Job Description:
• Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to adult students.
• Providing appropriate feedback on oral and written work.
• Listening actively and effectively in order to identify and solve problems. Facilitate
student’s learning and work on building student’s confidence.
• Participating in ESL department staff meetings, professional development, workshops,
curriculum/program planning and special events.
• Using a variety of materials and teaching techniques to enhance student learning,
outcomes, and maintain student interest.
• Performing general administrative functions, which includes maintaining accurate
records and compiling information and statistics.
• Planning and organizing work to meet changing priorities and deadlines.
Remuneration Package:
• Tax-free competitive salary.
• One academic year contract (Renewable contract)
• 30 days paid annual vacation.
• Standard private furnished apartment or Allowance provided
• Transportation provided to/from campus, along with shopping malls and grocery stores.
• Round-flight tickets provided to/from country of origin.
• Medical insurance provided.
• Great professional development opportunities.
• An Iqama will be provided to all the teachers.
Essential Requirements:
• Citizens of UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (Due to
visa restrictions).
• No online certificate (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA) or degrees from distance learning colleges
and universities accepted.
• A Master/Bachelor degree in teaching English or Applied Linguistics/ or related degree
in related field none related degrees are accepted.
• Minimum 1 years of ESL teaching experience.
• Demonstrate strong communication skills.
• Good working knowledge of classroom IT.
• Age 25-56 years (Due to visa restrictions)

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Shanghai Oriental Ladder Bilingual School Required Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp , Music, Art, PE
Details: Hiring Teachers for Winter semester 2017
Shanghai Oriental Ladder Bilingual School, founded in 1993, is approved by the
Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as a privately owned elementary and middle
school invested by the Ladder Group. The purpose is to provide an international
environment to the students, educate the young minds and make it easier for the
students to adapt to different cultures in the future, to not only learn English as a foreign
language, but use it as a tool to develop an international communication skill.
Job summary:
• The teacher is required to work according to the timetable of the school from Monday to
Friday each week (except for public holidays) from 08:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with one hour
lunch break from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
• The teacher is required to work 40 hours (office hours) and teach 30 - 35 class sessions
a week at the school. Class sessions for elementary school are 35 minutes and class
sessions for middle school are 40 minutes long. For the rest of the 40 hours, the teacher
will be assigned administrative work or work outside the classroom, including lesson
planning, meetings, preparing lessons, “English day” and other administrative duties.
• The teacher is required to teach a class of no more than 20-30
students per class, whose age ranges from six to fifteen.
Applicant requirements:
• Applicant must be 21 - 50 years old.
• Applicant shall have no criminal record.
• Applicant shall be a graduate with a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree (Education major) or
Applicant shall be a holder of TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate with two years of teaching
working experiences.
• Applicant shall be a native speaker.
• Applicant should be ready for 10 months commitment.
Benefits and compensation:
The teacher will receive a monthly salary of
1. Senior Teachers (Master Degree of Education Major + min. 2 years working
: $3,500-$4,000 USD
2. Experienced Teachers (Bachelor’s Degree of
Education major + min. 2 Years Working experiences): $3,000-3,500
3. Teachers: (Bachelor’s or TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate with teaching working
experiences): $2,500-3,000 USD
A starting salary will be based on Teacher’s education, work experience and results of
the interview.
• Living accommodation is not covered by the school.
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided during weekdays. On Fridays only breakfast
and lunch are provided.
• Assistance is provided in obtaining Z visa, Foreign Expert Certificate and Residence
Permit (legal employment).
If you are interested in working with us, please send the following documents:
1. CV/Resume: stating working and graduation dates in month/year format,
2. Scanned copy of highest record of formal schooling: university/college diploma,
3. Scanned copy of your 120-hour CELTA/TESOL/TEFL certificate or employment
certificate. CELTA holders are given priority.
Thank you!

Start Consulting Co, Ltd
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp , Germany, French, Japanese, Spanish....
Details: Our ESL and Subject teaching positions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing,
Hangzhou, Hefei ,Wuhan, Changsha, Kunming, Urumqi, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang..
We belong to an intermediary agency authorized by the Chinese government to recruit
English teachers for Chinese schools. Our organization has employees very experienced
in ESL recruiting field, we have been in this field for 9 years and employed more than
5000 foreign teachers for Chinese schools, we have a good reputation among Chinese
governmental organizations, schools and foreign teachers. As well our service are free.
We are familiar with the procedures of employing foreign teachers and only deal with
schools who can sponsor a foreign teacher’s work visa. We will make sure that our
teachers work in a safe, friendly and helpful environment.
After a contract between you and the school is signed we will do the following things for
1, make sure the school to sponsor your work visa and courier the work visa application
documents to you.
2, provide guide in the visa application if necessary.
3, make arrangements for airport pickup.
4, make sure the schools the apartment available for you before you move in.
5, make sure the school will sign the contract with you directly. We just help our friend
schools to find a suitable teacher
After you have arrived in China we will look after you during the time you are contracted
to the school, these include:
1, make sure your resident permit and foreign expert certificate are processed in time.
2, help you deal with culture shock if needed.
3, deal with the problem arising between you and the school, if not sortable, help you find
the upper level of the Chinese government and lead you through the way.
4, any other types of help that you need and we can provide.
In Brief
Working Location:Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha, Urumqi etc(16
Employer: Mostly Chinese governmentally owned schools, universities, colleges, private
training centers.
Wage: 10000 to 15000 Yuan per month (full time) for Esl Teacher.
15000-20000 Yuan for Science, Biology, Computer, IB teacher.
20000-30000Yuan for AP,EAP,SAT Licensed Teacher
Air ticket: Return economy air ticket refunded for two semesters contract, one way
airfare for one term contract according to the receipt. You will be picked up at the
nearest airport to a school for free.
Accommodation: Free with facilities. the floor space ranges from 40 to 200 square
Contract period: two semesters contract (about 10 months) preferred.
Hours per week: 14 to 22 academic hours per week. ( An academic hour is 45 minutes),
you work for private schools, the working hours are more. One or two month paid holiday
if you work in one govermental school
Work days: Monday to Friday, with no weekend work. If you work for private schools, you
are expected to work at night and weekends.
Tax: No tax is paid.
Holidays (days and dates): All holidays Paid. 7 days in May, 7 day

Sais Teacher Recruitment Required Degrees: Minimum Bachelors of Education or Teaching Diploma
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Science , Math/Physics , Middle School, Kindergarten, Coordinators
Details: Seeking Motivated Passionate Educators for an American Curriculum K-12 International
School:Teaching Couples and or Recent College Graduates are Welcomed and
Encouraged to Apply. Native English Speakers, With Teaching Qualifications, or
Certifications preferred.
Elementary Classroom Teacher Grades 1-3.
Experience Required: All candidates must hold at least a bachelor degree in Education.
Education Degrees is a requirement for K-3 positions, and Candidates without a
Bachelor’s of Education will not be considered for this position.
Subject Specialists for grades 4-12.
All candidates must hold at least a bachelor degree in their subject area.
Job Purpose:
Prepares students for meaningful lives by contributing to their educational and social
* Contributes to school system’s effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range
issues that must be addressed; providing information and commentary pertinent to
deliberations; recommending options and courses of action; implementing directives.
* Establishes and adjusts course outlines and objectives by following curriculum
guidelines and state and local school system goals; modifying plans on the basis of
student diagnostic and assessment procedures.
* Conveys information to students by using language concepts, examples,
demonstrations, and teaching aids, such as audiovisual equipment and computers.
* Completes educational requirements by scheduling and assigning instructional
activities; following up on results.
* Assesses student learning by preparing, administering, and scoring tests; reviewing
and correcting assignments; eliciting student questions and responses; evaluating
application of learning to classroom project results.
* Maintains student learning results by providing instructional feedback; coaching,
counseling, and disciplining students; planning, monitoring, and appraising learning
* Maintains records by documenting learning accomplishments, attendance, and
* Guides students’ personal and social development by establishing rules and
procedures for administrative matters, student verbal participation, and student
movement within the classroom, between classrooms, and on the playground.
* Helps parents by providing academic information; suggesting available educational and
social resources; addressing parents’ concerns; answering questions and requests.
* Complies with enforcing adherence to requirements; advising school administration on
needed actions.
* Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules,
and regulations.
* Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops;
reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in
professional societies.
* Conserves resources by using equipment and supplies as needed to accomplish
educational results.
* Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
Classroom Management, Verbal Communication, Resolving Conflict, Self-Motivated,
Motivating Others, Teaching, Listening, Energy Level, Confidentiality, Emotional Control,
Handles Pressure
Experience Required:
All candidates must hold at least a bachelor degree and at least a teaching diploma.
Education Degrees and Certification preferred, however those with experience will be
Native English Speakers (American, Canadian, Australian and UK) are preferred for this
position, but Non-native speakers who meet TOEFL or IELTS minimum scores will be
Non Native Speakers must have the following current TOEFL or IELTS scores:
English Teachers- TOEFL between 96-120 and IELTS- between 7.5-9.0
All other Subjects- TOEFL between 79-95 and IELTS 6.5 or above Company Profile:
SAIS is a brand of American Curriculum International Schools located throughout the
UAE. We are currently interested in recruiting certified/qualified teachers for the new
academic year beginning in August in our Dubai ,UAE School. Our school offer a full
educational program based on an American curriculum for students from grades K-12
and our students come from diverse backgrounds of over 25 different nationalities. Our
school aligns with the Common Core State Initiative Standards in English and
Mathematics and parallels with the State of Michigan standards in Science, Physical
Education and Performing Arts.
Life in Dubai / United Arab Emirates
Life in the UAE is safe and provides a range of cultural and recreational experiences.
Dubai is a modern metropolis providing excellent transport (Taxi and Metro), a range of
shopping opportunities, and many ways to explore the city in both its modern and
traditional aspects. Beaches are near and safe on both side.

Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: Shenyang Sunrise is the most professional agent in China, we have partnership with
over 3000 schools and institution, all the job offer release soon, and it will fill up soon,
please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible, we would like to provide the
most professional
service and the best offer for you!
Application requirement:
1. Native English speaker
2. One year adult teaching experience is preferred;
3. 22-55 years old, male or female, couple preferred
4. Education: above bachelor degree
5. One year contract
Salary package:
1. Rmb 8000-18000 upon the education background;
2. 12-20 teaching hours/ week, 45-50 mins/teaching hour;2days off on weekend, enjoy
paid national holidays;
3.Free foreign teacher apartment is provided
4 working visa is provided
5. Rmb 5000 is provided as flight ticket reimbursement
6. Healthy insurance is provided
7. Paid holidays for winter and summer vacation.
1. Resume
2.Two photos, one is recent casual photo, the other is passport photo.
3. A photocopy of your degree/diploma/certificate
4. A photocopy of your passport
5. Your Skype ID
6.Highly recommend to record a three-minute video including introduction, your working
experience and what do you think of China.

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ESL Instructors Needed in Shanghai,Nanjing, Suzhou

Up to 17500RMB monthly pay+5working days+ Medical Insurance + Flight
Posted By: Web International English Shanghai (WIES)
Company Background:
Web International English was established in 1998 with the aim of providing learners with
a better and more effective way of learning English. To do this we created a unique
Three-Stage Multi-Discipline Learning Method and combined it with one of the world’s
most advanced course-ware providers. Currently, Web is one of the largest leading
English training centers in China. With over 160 centers nationwide, Web train over
50,000 learners each year.
We are currently looking for enthusiastic and experienced ESL teachers in one of our
twenty locations in the greater Shanghai area. Most of our centers are located in the city
center. Only a few are on the fringes of the city (45 minutes from city center) though are
located near a Metro station.
Position Information:
• One year contract
• 5 working days per week
• Maximum 25 teaching hours per week
• 15 office hours
• Class size: 4-10 students (Ages: 18 and up )
• Pre-made lesson plans and training curriculum
Salary and Benefits:
• Competitive remuneration of 14,500 to 17,500RMB
• 6000RMB Annual Flight reimbursement
• Transportation Allowance
• 5 days paid holidays + 11 days National holidays
• Paid and sponsored Z visa plus Foreign Expert Certificate (FEC)
• Medical Insurance
• Arrival Assistance (Apartment search)
• 7 nights Hotel Accommodation upon arrival
• Airport pick-up
• Ongoing training and development workshops
• Career development opportunities
• Free Chinese lessons
Qualifications and Requirements:
• Native speaker of English from the following countries: (US, Canada, UK, Ireland,
Australia, New Zealand or South Africa)
• Bachelor’s degree or above
• At least two years solid classroom teaching experience.
• TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate (120 hours, TESOL Sponsorship available)
• 25 to 55 years of age
• Willing to work irregular hours (weeknights and weekends)
• Punctual, outgoing and enthusiastic work attitude
To apply for this position, please apply with the following documents:
• a Resume/CV with photo
• a copy of your passport (with photo page)
• a copy of TEFL/ TESOL/CELTA certificate
• a copy of your Bachelor degree
For more information:
We appreciate your interest in the position, though due to the high volume of
applications, only short-listed candidates will be notified. Thank

SeriousTEFL Certificate & Diploma, Your Gateway to Teaching Abroad


SeriousTEFL courses are the most technologically advanced online programs in the
industry and we were the first to offer the courses exclusively online.
Designed and implemented by experienced teachers whom have traveled and taught in
various countries, subjects and levels. Our programs practical applications aim directly
the core of what is needed for you to become an effective ESL teacher. This is
accomplished by offering the initial know-how and confidence which is imperative for
teaching your very first class and continuously building from this platform throughout
teaching career. Our modules and syllabus have been intensely scrutinized and applied
to ensure maximum coverage of all topics, techniques and strategies. Each module
covers all relatable material as well as instruct the student of the necessary tools in order
to teach effectively. Graduates that complete our course refer back to the lessons and
tips consistently when adding to their abilities and the overall classroom dynamic.
Our courses are accepted and endorsed by over 7,000 schools and educational
establishments worldwide via the International Alliance of Teachers and Employers


Online English Instructor (Home-Based)

Online English Instructor (Home-Based) -

Preschool,Elementary & Secondary Teachers

Preschool,Elementary & Secondary Teachers -

Teach in China: RAY English is here for you!

Teach in China: RAY English is here for you! -

Recruiting English Teachers

Recruiting  English  Teachers -

WKU Adjunct Lecturer Positions August 2017


Full-Time Elementary/Preschool Teaching Position

Full-Time Elementary/Preschool Teaching Position -




SAUDI ESL LONDON INTERVIEWS (oil & gas company) -



English/Maths Tutor

English/Maths Tutor -

Great ESL teaching opportunity

Great ESL teaching opportunity -

Male Native English Speaker ESL Teachers

Male Native English Speaker ESL Teachers -

kindergarten Homeroom teachers needed ASAP




Part-Time Online ESL Teacher for Children

Part-Time Online ESL Teacher for Children -

Part-time Online Preschool ESL Teacher

Part-time Online Preschool ESL Teacher -

Job Fair Toronto & Calgary, Canada January 15 - 19

Job Fair Toronto & Calgary, Canada January 15 - 19 -

12000RMB+Free apartment ESL Job in Foshan,China


English Language Training Instructor

English Language Training Instructor -



ESL teachers needed in different cities in China

ESL teachers needed in different cities in China -

ELT Positions in Turkey

ELT Positions in Turkey -

ESL English Teachers are Needed in Public School


Seeking K-12 Teachers for American International

Seeking K-12 Teachers for American International -

Male/ female ESL Teachers Required in Saudi Arabia

Male/ female ESL Teachers Required in Saudi Arabia -

English Language Teacher

English Language Teacher -

ESL Teachers for January & February 2017

ESL Teachers for January & February  2017 -

300 positions (8000-28000) Free accommodation