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Last updated: May 4, 2021

This exercise is destined for IELTS test takers who seek enriching their vocabulary, so that they can get high scores in Writing Section. In addition, this exercise is promoting for English learners who are transitioning from intermediate levels to advanced levels.


Replace the adverb “very” in each sentence with another adverb of degree:

1-Charles behaved very bad, so his teachers got angry with him.

2-That students is very motivated, that he shows constant progression.

3-These secrets are very important, so you had better keep them confidential.

4-The widow was very sad, and eventually, she had a nervous breakdown.

5-Sue was not very successful throughout this academic year.

6-The naughty boy was very rude. He talked to his parents impolitely.

7-That country is very powerful, as it possesses strong economy.

8-The weather was very cold to the extent my limbs got almost frozen.

9-The actor performed very well on the stage, and that made the audience applaud loudly.

10-The climate is very stable in the spring, but this year, it is fixedly cool.

11-The scenery is very attractive that it could enchant minds of meditators.

12-The scientist is very grateful to his assistants.

13-That research on this phenomena was very difficult.

14-That dish was very delicious!

15-The coronavirus patient is very infected that she breathes with a difficulty.

16-The number of people infected with coronavirus is very surprising.

17-Intaking a great amount of sugar is very harmful to the body’s immunity system.

18-SARS virus is very variable.

19-Jack’s body is a very sensitive to chocolate. He is allergic to it.
20-Alexander the Great is a very brave hero.

21-Eiffel Tower in Paris is very colossal cultural icon.


1- extremely 
2- highly
3- greatly
4- deeply
5- particularly
6- truly
7- absolutely
8- terribly
21- surpassingly

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