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ESL Teacher
Cambridge/IB-PYP Certified homeroom teachers
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High School English Teacher
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English Teachers required in Foshan, Shunde
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International and Bilingual School Positions-Aug
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Kindergarten homeroom teacher/IB or IGCSE Teacher
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Online ESL teachers make 19-26USD/hour from home!
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Saudi Arabia
Science Openings in Top Tier Saudi Private School
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Teachers Self-Promoting Campaign
Take charge of your own employment!

Note: We continue to offer our very valuable free services to our registered teachers and this is just an added service for teachers in search of additional resources of promoting themselves to potential employers located in their desired countries or for those who are finding difficulty in obtaining a job teaching abroad.
All advertised jobs worldwide on various job boards account for approximately 10 percent of what the industry offers at any given time. The simple explanation amongst others, is that the majority of employers advertise their positions merely when they basically need to hire within the immediate future.
This incredible online service is the collection of highly serious, vetted and motivated employers, whom at one time or another, have advertised on Serious Teachers during the past 10 years. We are now ready to offer this campaign to our interested registered teachers who would like to be in control of their own self-promotion and to be able to negotiate the best possible term for their true abilities and experience.
Sometimes you find yourself competing against a large number of applicants for the same advertised position. You may also feel that you are at a disadvantage imposed by some employers, due to Age, Gender, Nationality, requests for unnecessary credentials, etc. Finally, you may not wish to spend anymore time searching and you need a job now!
P.S. we are neither an employer nor a recruiter.
  1. You must be a registered teacher of Serious Teachers.
  2. Scroll down and examine the listed COUNTRIES and their available number of EMPLOYERS.
  3. Click on each country button to examine the corresponding FEE.
  4. Select your desired country or countries using their corresponding checkboxes.
  5. Scroll further below and click on "REVIEW SELECTED COUNTRIES, FEES & TOTAL" button.
  6. On the review page, examine/modify your selections and the total fee due.
  7. The minimum fee for this service is $39 US, in the case that your selected countries' total fee falls below $39, this will still be the rate that is charged .
  8. On the same page use the "Submit & Pay $ Fee" button.
  9. We accept Credit Card payments via PAYPAL as well as other secure payment processors.
  1. You will receive an Activation Email(between 1 to 8 hours) containing a link to your invoice.
  2. The above email will also contain a link to your Campaign Panel.
  3. You will have 30 days consecutive access to your Campaign Panel.
  4. Your panel shall include the selected countries and the list of their Employers.(see the sample below)
  5. You are free to personalize your emails in accordance with each employer's needs.
Responsive image

Countries with their available number of Employers and Fees
Afghanistan 6
Albania 22
Algeria 5
Argentina 15
Australia 15
Austria 7
Azerbaijan 26
Bahrain 32
Bangladesh 16
Bhutan 4
Bolivia 4
Brazil 50
Brunei 14
Bulgaria 7
Cambodia 60
Cameroon 9
Canada 136
Chile 48
China 6,627
Colombia 50
Costa Rica 34
Czech Republic 62
Dominican Republic 22
East Timor 5
Ecuador 35
Egypt 132
Ethiopia 23
Finland 4
France 50
Gemany 78
Georgia 11
Germany 78
Greece 10
Guatemala 27
Honduras 54
Hong Kong 109
Hungary 19
India 110
Indonesia 330
Iran 13
Iraq 38
Ireland 7
Italy 262
Japan 559
Jordan 11
Kazakhstan 104
Kenya 11
Kurdistan 9
Kuwait 140
Kyrgyzstan 31
Lao PDR 27
Lebanon 5
Liberia 5
Libya 33
Luxembourg 6
Macedonia 4
Malaysia 125
Maldives 5
Malta 8
Marshall Islands 4
Mexico 242
Mongolia 60
Morocco 31
Myanmar (Burma) 71
Namibia 5
Nepal 9
Netherlands 6
New Zealand 4
Oman 109
Pakistan 19
Palestinian Territories 5
Panama 11
Peru 21
Philippines 33
Poland 136
Portugal 18
Qatar 63
Romania 23
Russian Federation 300
Rwanda 5
Saudi Arabia 745
Serbia and Montenegro 12
Singapore 89
Slovakia 51
Slovenia 4
Somalia 4
South Africa 4
South Korea 1,795
Spain 447
Sri Lanka 10
Sudan 21
Sweden 7
Switzerland 10
Syria 4
Taiwan 245
Tajikistan 5
Tanzania 27
Thailand 942
Tunisia 9
Turkey 511
Uganda 11
Ukraine 55
United Arab Emirates 227
United Kingdom 179
USA 221
Uzbekistan 32
Venezuela 12
Vietnam 594
Yemen 13

Mitchell Milner My Testimony
When I first enrolled in the campaign, I didn’t know what to expect. The very first day my campaign went active, I had literally dozens of serious inquiries from hiring managers wanting to interview me immediately. Clearly, for any teacher that is serious about getting hired NOW, this is the way to go!
jeroen van der My Testimony
Since using the CAMPAIGN, my exposure increased untold. I could never have found that many vacant positions on my own. I now have serious opportunities. Money well spent.
Hussein Shardow My Testimony
The Self promoting campaign is no joke! Oh my God! during the first 3 days I was overwhelmed with over 60 job offers. My email was busy and full. It made me so busy and tired of responding to schools. I’m still receiving offers. I had 2 contracts to peruse within the first 5 days. Everyday, I have to talk to a recruiter on Skype. I will strongly advice anyone who is serious about getting a job to sign up with serious hiring campaign right now!
Robert Reis My Testimony
I have not decided which of the many job offers I have received that I will accept. At my advanced age, this is a tribute to the effectiveness of this campaign.
Vivien Krepp My Testimony
The outcome of this Campaign was beyond my expectations as I received many replies from schools that I would never have contacted. I had 2 interviews with different organisations, but unfortunately due to the fact that I don’t have a degree and my age, I am still looking for a position, even though I have TESOL qualifications and have done training with school leavers for many years. I have gained some valuable contacts whom I will contact when I travel to my favourite country.
William Hussain My Testimony
I was surprised at how many more opportunities there were out there that I was unaware of. Was definitely worth using this service. Highly recommended!
Laurence H Smith My Testimony
My experience with this Campaign has been a positive experience in regards to helping with promoting my resume and applying for many positions.
Robert Royal My Testimony
I recently had a superb response to the “Self Promoting Campaign.“ Presently I have narrowed my job search to three options. The campaign is an excellent job search tool if you understand(who you are and know what you’re looking for.) Out of the 200 plus responses I received I was in touch with, many different kinds of opportunities and recruiters surfaced who were most helpful in my search process. I heartily recommend this campaign to anyone that has really thought through the search process.
John Davies My Testimony
Hello: I have used this campaign three times in the last three years and each time it secured me high quality teaching jobs in the countries of my choice. I received over 100 responses each time and at least a dozen job offers that fit my profile. I have negotiated directly with schools and had tremendous results. I will continue to use Serious Teachers in the future and I highly recommend this service to any qualified teacher.