International Alliance of Teachers & Employers USA  33,143 CA  11,515 UK  14,240 AU  5,126 NZ  2,127 Others  48,557 Hired  28,656
Horizon Recruitment Required Degrees: passport copies, photo,TESOL or degree preferred
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , University , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camps ,  Director of Studies
Details: XIAMEN - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: FJXM-07)
Salary: 15000
Subject: English
Workload: 25 hours+15 office hours
Flight: 5000
Accommodation: 2000 per month
Start Date: Currently Hiring

FENGHUA - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: ZJFH-02)
Salary: 16000-22000 after tax
Subject: English
Workload: 20 hours +15 office hours
Flight: 4200RMB/year
Accommodation: free apart.
Start Date: Currently Hiring

YIWU - Public Primary School (Ref #: ZJYW-05)
Salary: 14000-25000 before tax
Subject: English
Workload: 25hrs
Flight: 8000
Accommodation: Free Apartment
Start Date: Currently Hiring

ZHENGZHOU - Private International School (Ref #: HNZZ-26)
Salary: 16000-20000
Subject: English
Workload: Mon-Fri.
Flight: round trip tickets
Accommodation: Free housing
Start Date: Currently Hiring

TAIZHOU, ZHEJIANG - Public University (Ref #: ZJTZ-04)
Salary: 8000-10000
Subject: English
Workload: 16 classes
Flight: 12000 RMB
Accommodation: free apart.
Start Date: Currently Hiring

WENZHOU - Private Training School - Both (Ref #: ZJWZ-07)
Salary: 18000-20000 RMB after tax
Subject: English
Workload: 20 hours + 20 office hours
Flight: 5000
Accommodation: Free housing
Start Date: Currently Hiring

XIAMEN - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: FJXM-13)
Salary: 16000 after tax
Subject: English
Workload: 22 hours+18 office hours
Flight: Yes
Accommodation: Yes
Start Date: Currently Hiring

NANJING - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: JSNJ-19)
Salary: 16000+
Subject: English
Workload: 22hrs teaching+18 office hrs
Flight: 8000RMB 
Accommodation: Free housing
Start Date: 2018-07-01

SHANGHAI - Private Training School - Kindergarten (Ref #: SH-25)
Salary: 14000-20000
Subject: English
Workload: Monday to Friday
Flight: Round Trip Tickets
Accommodation:housing allowance
Start Date: 2018-09-01

SUZHOU, JIANGSU - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: JSSZ-12)
Salary: 20000
Subject: English
Workload: 25 hours
Flight: 6000
Accommodation: housing allowance
Start Date: Currently Hiring

DALIAN - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: LNDL-14)
Salary: 16800-19600
Subject: English
Workload: 22-25 teaching hrs+10 office h
Accommodation: housing allowance
Start Date: Currently Hiring

XIAMEN - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: FJXM-11)
Salary: 12600-14200RMB
Subject: English
Workload: 17-19 hrs teaching
Flight: Reimbursement
Accommodation: housing allowance
Start Date: Currently Hiring

NANJING - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: JSNJ-21)
Salary: 14000-18000 after tax
Subject: English
Workload: 20 class hour+ 12 office hour 
Flight: 8000
Accommodation: housing allowance
Start Date: Currently Hiring

WUXI - Private International School (Ref #: JSWX-05)
Salary: 12000-18000 RMB
Subject: English
Workload: 22 classes teaching+office hrs
Flight: Round trip tickets
Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment
Start Date: 2018-09-01

SUZHOU, JIANGSU Public Primary School (Ref #: JSSZ-13)
Salary: 12000-14000
Subject: English
Workload: 14 hours
Flight: 8000RMB/year
Accommodation: free apart.
Start Date: 2018-09-01

WUHAN - Public University (Ref #: HBWH-08)
Salary: 7000-8000RMB
Subject: English
Workload: 12-16 classes
Flight: 10,000RMB
Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment 
Start Date: Currently Hiring

Zhejiang Rick Global Recruitment Service,China
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp , SAT, AP,IELTS,TOEFL,Music, PE, Chemistry, Biology
Details: We are Zhejiang Rick Global Recruitment Service,founded in Zhejiang province, China,
who has been engaged in this job hunting fields for many years. Now there are some
potential teachcing jobs available as follow:
1,Multiple Subjects(Arts and Music) Teachers Wanted by the kindergarten and primary school
departments and Math/Science/Art/Humanitiy Teachers wanted by middle school department at An
International School in Wuxi city. Monthly salary 19000-26000RMB plus housing allowance
5000RMB, Licensed Teachers wanted,start date:late August
2,Math/Computer science/Art Teachers Wanted by An International School in Shenzhen city,China.
Monthly salary around 20-26K plus housing allowance 4000RMBstart date:late August.
3,ESL Teachers Wanted by Several Training Schools in Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and
Chengdu.16000-20000RMB per month+housing allowance 2000RMB,start date:ASAP
4,ESL/Japanese/French/German Teacher Wanted by a college in Nanchang city. Monthly
salary7000-10000RMB plus free apartment,starte:late August
5,A-level Math/Physics Teacher Wanted by A high school in Nanchang City,China. Monthly salary
18000-25000RMB plus free apartment, start date: late August.
6,AP Chemistry/Economics/Music/Art/ History Teachers wanted by a US high school in Suzhou
city. Monthly salary 18000-30000RMB plus free apartment. start date: 15th of August.
7, ESL/Social Studies Teachers Wanted by a public high school in Hefei city,China. Monthly salary
16000-23000RMB plus free apartment. Start date: late August
8,Math/Science/Art/Music/ESL Teachers Wanted by an internatonal school in Shenzhen city.
Yearly salary 216000-384000RMB plus housing allowance 5000RMB and airfare reimursement up
to 20000RMB. start date: late July.
9, English/Science Teachers Wanted by An International Kindergarten in Suzhou City,China.
Monthly salary 14000-16000RMB plus housing allowance 3800RMB or free apartment. start date:
late August
10,English and French or German or Spanish Teachers Wanted by a high school in Putian
city,Fujian province,China. Monthly salary 10000RMB plus free apartment, start date: late August
11,ESL Teachers Wanted by A University in Kaifeng City,China. Monthly salary 10000RMB plus
free apartment, start date: late August
12,ESL Teachers Wanted Several kindergarten in Nanjing,Yangzhou,Zhenjiang. Monthly salary
12000-15000RMB plus free apartment. start date:late August
13,ESL/History Teachers wanted by a high school in Hefei City,China. Monthly salary 16000-
23000RMB plus free apartment. start date: late August
14,ESL/Japanese Teachers Wanted by A universisty in Shijiazhuang City. Monthly salary
8000RMB plus free apartment. start date: late August
15, Japanese/French/ESL Teachers Wanted by a univeristy in Nanchang City. Monthly salary
7000-8000RMB plus free apartment. Start date: late August.
16, Graphic Design/Civil Engineering/Computer Science/Eclectronic Engineering /Pre-school
education/Mechatronnics EngineeringTeachers Wanted by Saveral universities in China. Monthly
salary 10000-15000RMB plus free apartment, master degree at least. start date: late August.
17,Libraray/Drama Teachers Wanted by An international school in Shenzhen city. Monthly salary
20000-25000RMB plus housing allowance 3700RMB, start date:late August.
18,Physics/General science teacher wanted by an international school in Shaoxing city,China.
Monthly salary 12000RMB plus free apartment. start date: late August
Contact me for more info regarding those potential positions or other vacancies in other cities.

Albanian International School Required Degrees: Certified Teachers
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , French ,  
Details: Albanian International School (AIS) is located in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. We are looking
for dedicated teachers who are flexible and committed to helping the school grow by being active in
the community. Albanian International School follows the United States Common Core Standards
and has recently purchased all new Math, English, and Science texts. AIS is fully accredited by the
Ministry of Education and Sport in Albania.
Albania is a beautiful country full of gorgeous beaches and snow-capped mountains and the cost of
living is among the lowest worldwide. It is bordered by Montenegro, Kosovo, the Republic of
Macedonia, Italy and Greece. Albania achieved democracy in 1990, and is rapidly becoming a top
tourist destination. Albania was recommended as a top travel destination by Lonely Planet and in
2014, Albania was nominated as the number 4 global tourist destination by the New York Times.
Come experience life in Albania and the excitement of being in on the ground floor of a new,
modern institution of excellence in education. We would invite any hard-working educator who
desires to help a country improve its education system to inquire with the school itself.
Starting Date: September 2018
Openings: Pre-School, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 3, ESL/Social Studies.
Minimum Job Requirements:
1. BA or BS degree from an accredited university
2. The Original Diploma and a copy of your grade transcript
3. Previous teaching experience and/or valid state teaching certification
4. Native fluency in English
5. Basic IT proficiency
6. Native citizen of the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand or Canada or education obtained in one
of the aforementioned countries
7. Criminal records check issued by the teacher’s home country dated within the last 6 months. We
require official checks issued by the relevant government agency only. No third party background
checks accepted. US citizens are required to submit BOTH a Bureau of Criminal Investigation
(BCI) and FBI criminal background check.
Job duties:
1. Homeroom teacher
2. Teach Math, Science, English and/or Social Studies (Depending on certification)
3. Follow the curriculum standards
4. Develop daily lesson plans for all subjects which are subject to review by the Head Teacher
5. Assist with occasional extracurricular activities outside of school hours
6. Help build the school’s reputation and student recruitment through community outreach and
occasional marketing events outside of school hours
7. Write short monthly articles for the school newsletter
8. Complete all grading and lesson plans in a timely manner
9. Support students when needed by providing additional assistance with daily assignments and
10. Highly organized and punctual
Job benefits:
1. Round trip airfare from and to country of origin for foreign hires
2. Rent free modern apartment (teacher pays only for utilities, internet)
3. Medical insurance by the Albanian government.
4. The school reimburses the work permit and visa fees
5. Residence permit
6. 1000 Euro starting salary.

Jeddah Knowledge International School Required Degrees: Qualified Teacher (e.g. PGCE)
Fields of Expertise: Elementary , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Design Technology / Elementary / English
Details: Looking for qualified teachers

Golden Staffing Required Degrees: Preferred for some
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp ,  
Details: Let us prepare a place for you... 700+ jobs all over China, 14,000-40,000 RMB MONTHLY -
Fantastic jobs, visa, airport pick up, housing provided or stipend + so much more...
Hot jobs:
Job ID: LYN21
Teachers wanted for humanity courses (16K-24K RMB monthly) - 2 openings

Job Description:
1. Teach English Language Arts, Intensive Reading, Book Club and American History
2. Responsible for lesson planning as well as curriculum development
3. Help students reach their goal in learning English
4. Promote a good atmosphere during class
Benefit Package
1.16000 – 24000 RMB monthly, based on experience
2.Sponsored legal Z work visa
3. Health insurance
4.Free Chinese lessons every week
5.Airport pick-up upon arrival
During your interview, we will be happy to go into more details about the specifics...
Job requirements:
1. Native English speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland,
Australia, New Zealand or South Africa (To meet China work visa regulations)
2. Bachelor’s Degree or above and at least 2 years work experience
3. A passion for learning, teaching and meeting new people
4. Plan to live in China for at least 1 year
About us:
Based in Beijing, China. Our mission is to better prepare Chinese Secondary school
students to attend and succeed at American high schools or Universities by providing
them with a progressive and interactive, globally focused academic English curriculum.
Team members: Our Full time foreign teachers include two teachers from Oberlin
College, one teacher from UCLA and one from San Francisco State U. Our current book
club instructors include a Cornell PhD candidate in Art History, a research fellow for
Health Economics at Peking University, a Yenching Scholar of Peking University, and we
hope to add more members to our team.
Our curriculum:
English language arts is similar to the English classes in the US whose goal is to improve
student’s academic reading and academic writing abilities by teaching them important
skills such as critical thinking, inference and evidence collection.
The Intensive Reading Class guides students to read, understand, and analyze the
reading both during classroom discussion and in written homework. Classes are divided
by student reading level: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Each class is 8 weeks
long, unless otherwise stated. Class size ranges between 2 and 10 students. Students
will gain reading speed, an increased vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and a deeper
knowledge of text (both literature and language) analysis. The goal of the class is above
all to promote critical thinking, analytical skills, and understanding of the English
Language writing traditions through in-class discussion and written work.
Job ID: SU1102
Native ESL Teaching positions in Beijing
Primary school:
Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.
Class size:35 students in the classroom.
Students age: 6-12 years old.
Job description: Plan the lessons and teach the students for basic works and sentence.
Encourage the students to speak better English.
Requirements: English native speakers with two year teaching experience after
TELF or TESOL for 120 hours.
Benefits: Salary 12,000- 18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
145$(1,000rmb)for visa .453$(3,000RMB)for air tickets after one year contract.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Training for teaching.
Job ID: SU1103
Schedule: Monday to Thursday 8am-5:30pm.
Class size:20 students in the classroom.
Students age: 3-5 years old.
Job conscription: Prepare the lessons and teach the kids oral English.
Requirements: English native speakers
Benefits: Salary 12,000- 18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Job ID: SU1104
Training school:
Location: near Sanyuanqiao station on line 10 in Beijing Guomao station on line1.
Schedule: Wednesday to Friday 1pm-9pm on the weekends from 11am-7pm. Less than
25 teaching hours a week..
Class size: one on one teaching or group class(less than 8 students).
Students age: Adults.
Benefits: Salary 12,000-18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays
Job ID: SU1105
Kindergarten Teaching positions in Changsha and Tianjin city.
Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-5:30pm.
Class size: 20-30 students in the classroom.
Students age:3-5years old.
Requirements: English native speakers.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Free meals.
Training for teaching
Plus many more... Let us prepare a place for you...

Zhe Jiang HaidaInteract International Co. Ltd
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , ESL to Children , French , Science , Music,Sports
Details: Position: English Teacher, Music(Piano) and Sports Teacher
Working Visa :Provided
Maximum Teaching Hour: 20 per week.
Accommodation: Provided
Airfare allowance: 5000RMB
Medical check: Covered
Medical Insurance: Covered
Foreign Expert Certificate: Provided

BFI Education Services Co. Ltd. Required Degrees: A 4-year university degree (BA/BS degree or higher
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Kindergarten , French , Science , Math/Physics , MUSICS
Details: TEACHING VACANCY in Myanmar (Burma) at BFI International Schools
Shu Khinn Thar International School, Bahan International Science Academy, Mandalay
International Science Academy and Naypyidaw International Science Academy are among the top
international schools in Myanmar, are looking for dedicated teachers to work in Yangon and
Mandalay for the 2018-19 academic year.
The academic year commences on July 23, 2018 for both Yangon Campuses.
The academic year commences on May 22, 2018 for Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw.
English Language Teacher
English IGCSE Teacher
English Teacher for Kindergarten
Math Teacher
French Teacher
Music Teacher
- A native or near-native English speaker
- A 4-year university degree (BA/BS degree or higher)
- Minimum 4 years of teaching experience
- Be enthusiastic, positive-thinking, hard-working, patient
- Working hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm
- Teaching hours: 25 periods per week
Attractive salary
Lunch at school
Paid public holidays
5 days per annum sick pay
Visa sponsorship
Round-trip air ticket
Please send the followings attached to your email:
- Cover letter
- Copies of university degrees and qualifications
- Three references (including your most recent two employers)
- CRB checks, passport photo page scan and a recent photograph
*** In the Subject line please indicate the position you are applying for. Incomplete applications will
NOT be considered. Only the applicants who meet the necessary requirements will be contacted
for a interview.

Beijing Xin Fuxue International Academy
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , ESL to Children , French , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: Dates: 5/1/18-6/1/18
Salary: 40K a year depending on experience and education
Location: Beijing China
Contract Type: Full Time
Contract Term: Two Years
BXFXIA Primary Class Teacher:
Beijing Xin Fuxue International Academy is looking for outstanding Elementary & Middle
School teachers who are motivated and passionate about teaching young learners. For
BXFXIA this means teachers are fully committed and through their teachings provide our
students with the skills and values that they will need to achieve success and allow them
to succeed in life.
Qualifications: A
teacher will need to hold a bachelor’s degree with a teacher’s certification and have at
least 3 years’ experience teaching in a US school or in a reputable Chinese International
School. We are looking for teachers who are excellent communicators and work well
with colleagues, students, parents, technology and change.  We also expect our teachers
to be well organized; have a good sense of humor and possess a desire to develop
opportunities for students and teachers both in and out of the classroom. In all, we are
looking for teachers to be enthusiastic and passionate about teaching young children and
be able to demonstrate a genuine care for the individual students.
In return for your hard work you will receive a competitive salary, a spacious living
quarter’s arrangement, end of the year gratitude bonus, paid holidays, flight allowance, Z
Visa, manageable working hours and most of all a positive working environment.
The cost of living in Beijing remains fairly low and, as a result, many of our staff can save
over 50% of their salary and still travel to destinations throughout Asia. We want teachers
to feel valued and well rewarded for their efforts.
Our school is conveniently located in Beijing and minutes away from comfortable living
quarters. BXFXIA is an Early Years, Primary School and Middle School and High
School catering to students Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our school contains
contemporary facilities and modern classrooms that are well equipped and resourced to
support all aspects of teaching young students. Our Foreign staff contains of qualified
and experienced foreign teachers that teach students English language skills, math,
science and social studies utilizing a western curriculum.
Applications must include full curriculum vitae.

LIGHT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL NAIROBI Required Degrees: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed )
Fields of Expertise: Elementary , French , Spanish , German, Art, Music, Cambridge Global Perspective
Details: About Light International School
Light International School (LIS) is a unique co-educational day and boarding school that offers the
Cambridge International Curriculum from Kindergarten (Aged 3-5) through to A- level (from Year 1
to Year 13) to students from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds. The school has roots
in the highly successful and popular Light Academy schools located in different cities across Kenya
and is dedicated to the international curriculum. At LIS we go beyond producing academically
competent students (which is part of our culture) and also bring up socially responsible and
culturally sensitive individuals who are truly worlded citizens.
The school campus is located in a serene and affluent suburb of Karen in Nairobi.
At the Light International School (LIS):
 We aim to develop a love of learning, which will remain with the individual long after the
process of formal education has finished.
 We will provide a balanced and broad curriculum, which will include all students of different
abilities and needs.
 We offer a range of extracurricular activities and trips to broaden the experience of school for
our students and to enrich their learning of academic and social skills.
 We will encourage cross-curricular learning, supported by advancements in technology
wherever possible to enhance the learning of our students.
 We will provide our students with a stimulating and caring environment to learn within, where
the development of the whole child is a priority. We also encourage our pupils to develop as
independent learners who can make positive choices for their own learning and development.
 We fully encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education and development.
 We aim to reward achievement of all members of our school community for their successes.
Our students are members of their local community and of our host country, Kenya. We recognize
our students come from a multitude of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. We, therefore,
seek to provide a secular education that reflects and draws from this diversity by embracing the
ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship.
Karen, Nairobi / KENYA
Teachers Needed for 2018-2019 ACADEMIC YEAR at LIS!
We are seeking teachers; qualified, dedicated, self-driven and enthusiastic individuals for the
following positions - Male/Female
 Spanish teacher
 German teacher
 French Teacher
 Music Teacher
 Art Teacher
 Global Perspective Teacher
(Interviews will be conducted via Skype or WhatsApp)
 Cambridge International Curriculum (IGCSE / A Level) / UK national curriculum experience
 Related degree (min Bachelor’s in Education) – 3 years’ international school experience
 Traveling single
 Western or South Africa trained
 Locally competitive base salary
 Allowance structure for additional responsibilities
 Accommodation allowance 1-week free accommodation on school campus provided while
seeking for a rental house
 Airfare allowance (once in a year)
 Paid 36 vacation calendar days plus additional paid days as per Academic Calendar
 Lunch provided;
 One-off afternoon or morning based on teacher’s timetable
 Private medical insurance
 50% tuition fee waiver for eligible dependents
 Every assistance with visa, residence and other immigration requirements for employee and
eligible dependents.
All positions are for one year and full-time, offered in Nairobi, Kenya. Interviews will take place
upon appointments after the candidate’s email application. Only shortlisted candidates will be
contacted. Please see further details below.
 Contract length: 1 year, renewable upon agreement
 Commencement date: August 15, 2018
Working Hours:
 Work Schedule: Monday-Friday; 7.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Saturday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Interested applicants should attach their passport/ID copy, academic credentials, cover letter and

Think Talent Company Required Degrees: Bachelor Degree or above
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Math/Physics , Summer Camp ,  
Details: ***13,500 RMB (entry level)to 16,500 RMB (experienced) teacher broken down as follows:
* Up to 15,000 RMB/month base Salary (Commensurate with level of experience)
* Free accommodation/ accommodation allowance ( varied from schools)
* Two days off per week
* Flight allowance ( varied from schools)
* Airport pick up and Year-round logistics support
* Paid Z-visa, residence permit
* Paid initial on-boarding training and in center training
* Paid medical check and health insurance
* Paid Chinese tuition and ongoing Language Learning support
* Paid Chinese public holidays+ other paid holidays( varied from schools)
* Paid monthly social and team building events
* Contract completion bonus
* Promotion opportunities!
1) Bachelor’s Degree from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand or
2) 120 hour TEFL certificate (or 2 years post graduate certificate) or other teaching qualification (or
willing to obtain one)
3) A clean criminal background check, valid within 6 months

Aljeri Holding Group Required Degrees: Min Bachelor Degree related to Education sector
Fields of Expertise: Elementary , Curriculum Developer , Kindergarten , French , Science , Math/Physics , American and British School Curriculum
Details: Details: JOB VACANCY IN KUWAIT:
Kindly note that we are a vast educational organization located in Kuwait, have many vacant
positions at our American / British curriculum schools. Interested candidate please send us your
candidature/documents to careersajialholding
We will evaluate as per the documents and shortlist the candidates then schedule the interview.
- Elementary Teacher
- Primary Teacher
- English Teacher
- Science Teacher
- Music teacher
-Social studies Teacher
-Mathematics Teacher
- curriculum coordinator
-PE Teacher
-ART Teacher
Requested documents:
An updated / most recent cv.
A copy of your bachelor
A copy of its transcript
A copy of other credentials mentioned in ur cv.
A copy of your current reference .
A copy of your passport.
Basics salary 2500-4000$ usd(tax free)
Furnished accommodation / housing allowance
Transportation from school to accommodation vise-versa
Medical insurance:
Public (gov.) Medical insurance for the employee.
Private medical insurance for the employee.
Extra luggage allowance
Yearly round trip airfare ticket
Tuition fees discount for one child
End of service gratuity (indemnity)
Minimum application requirements: -
Bachelor’s degree related to education
Min experience: 1 years
Type of staff: male or female can apply to this job

World Teachers PTY LTD Required Degrees: Bachelor degree Holders or Non Bachelor degree
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , University , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camps ,  
Details: World Teachers PTY LTD
Certification: Bachelor degree is required
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to
Children , Kindergarten , University , University , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics
, Summer Camps ,  
Details: Salary and Benefits:
Monthly salary: 18000 -26000
Festival: the same to the Chinese staff and Christmas day
Paid sick leave :5days/year
Free apartment: Providing business insurance : yes
Flight allowance: 6000RMB after one year contract
Meal providing: Working lunch
Z-visa assisting: yes
Free Standard Accommodation
Work requirement:
Starting time: Immediately
Teaching Location: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Dalian, Shenzhen etc..
Nationality: Native speaker ,American, Canadian, South African, British, Irish, Australian,
New Zealand, Caribbean Islands
Gender and Age: Female 22-50 year-old
Position: English Teacher
Working time: Working five days a week; 5 hours a day; weekend off; Monday to Friday.
Come to school before 8:30am and off work at 11:30am, then come back to work before
3:00pm, leave work at 5:30pm. )
Student’s age: 2.5—6 years old ; students of kindergarten/ 6-17years old public school.
Class capacity: 16—25students
teaching experience: Two years teaching experience or above
Diploma: Bachelor degree or above
Educational Certificate: TEFL or TESOL, Teaching license
If you are qualified and are interested.
Forward and Include the following documents:
Your introduction video, picture, resume, educational
certificate visit our website to see more available positions.

MK Careers Required Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp ,  
Details: Are you or anyone you know looking to start a new job ASAP? Here are some awesome new
positions that are hiring urgently!:
Type of school: International School (NEEDS MULTIPLE SUBJECT TEACHERS)
Start Date: Fall 2018
Location: MinHang District
Positions Available: English Teacher; Music Teacher; Western Literature Teacher; AP Physics
Teacher; Science Teacher; AP Chemistry Teacher; Physics Teacher; Math Teacher, Economics
Teacher, Statistics Teacher
Length of Contract: 12 months
Students Age: K-12 (depends on subject)
Salary: 20,000-30,000 RMB per month d.o.e. + bonuses and subsidies
Schedule: Monday - Friday
Airfare: Provided
Housing: Provided
Insurance: Provided
Native English Speaker
2+ years teaching in the specific field
Bachelor’s degree
2 years of experience
Type of school: Private Learning Center
Location: Suzhou, China
Positions Available: ESL Teacher
Length of Contract: 12 months
Students Age: 3-16
Salary: 15,000-25,000 RMB per month
Schedule: 5 days per week, 2 days off
Airfare: Provided
Accommodation: Provided
Insurance: Provided
Native English Speaker
1+ years teaching experience
Bachelor’s degree; teaching certificate
Teaching certificate preferred
Type of school: Kindergarten
Start Date: Fall 2018
Location: Shanghai, China
Positions Available: Homeroom Teacher
Length of Contract: 12 months
Students Age: 2-6
Salary: 19,500-23,000 RMB per month d.o.e.
Schedule: Monday - Friday
Airfare: Provided
Housing: Provided
Insurance: Provided
Native English Speaker
1-2 years teaching experience
Bachelor’s degree
Teaching certificate
Type of school: Private Learning Center
Location: Suzhou, China
Positions Available: ESL Teacher
Length of Contract: 12 months
Students Age: 3-8
Salary: 20,000 RMB per month
Schedule: 5 days per week, Monday and Tuesday off (24 total teaching hours out of less than 40
working hours)
Airfare: Provided
Accommodation: 2,000 RMB
Insurance: Provided
Native English speaker (U.S.A, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, U.K, Ireland)
Age: 22 to 55
Bachelor’s degree or above
Fulfils at least one of the following three requirements:
Major in Education for their Bachelor’s Degree or above
Have at least two years of teaching experience since graduation of college
Have obtained Teaching Certificates like Educator Certificate, TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, DELTA,
TKT, etc. (with at least 120 hours of training)
School type: Training Center
Working hours: 36 office hours including 9-15 teaching hours per week
Compensation: 15000 RMB+ per month
Accommodation: Included

Type of school: International kindergarten
Requirements: Native, Bachelor degree or above, related work experiences at least 2 years,
TESL/TEFL/TESOL/CELTA are preferred.
Courses: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, Western Culture, Music, Dance, Natural
Science etc.
Work hours: Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00
Student age: 2-6 years old
Class size: about 20
Salary: 10,000-20,000 RMB per month
paid 10 days annual leave
Work visas: provided
3 meals a day: provided

Type of school: International Academy
Position: Computer teacher
Requirements: Native, Bachelor degree and above, Major in computer, related work experiences at
least 2 years, TESL/TEFL/TESOL/CELTA are preferred.
Curriculum: IGCSE, A-Level, AP, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT
Students’ age: 13-18
Classes/week: 18-24
Duration of class: 40 minutes
Office hour: 07:50-12:00 13:30-18:00, Monday to Friday
Salary: 24,000RMB after tax
Accommodation: House allowance provided by school
Medical Insurance: provided by school
Visas: Work permit
Bonus: A bonus of up to 2 months’ salary at the end of 2 years of contract
Flights: Flights to and from the teacher’s normal country of residence and China at the beginning
and end of the contract will be paid in full, for the teacher and his or her spouse. For teachers on a
contract of two years, an allowance of up to 8000RMB each for the teacher and his or her spouse
will be made to enable one visit to their home country to be made during the school’s vacation.
Meals: Free breakfast and lunch for working days
Holiday: Paid National statutory holidays and Christmas day, Summer and winter holidays.
Other: Shipping allowance etc.
We have a wide range of positions available which are not listed above. Please respond to this

easternesl Required Degrees: Tesol, bechelor degree and teaching experience
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp , ESL teachers are wanted all over in China
Details: Eastern is commit to help foreigner teachers find suitable job in China.
Our partner schools spread all over China These are famous English language school.
We have some teaching offers opening in China:
1. Kids training center offer from
Changchun city ( Jilin province),
Changzhou, Nanjing, Yangzhou, Nantong, Suzhou, Zhenjiang, Wuxi,
Liyang ( Jiangsu province),
Shaoxing, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Wenzhou, Yuyao, Cixi city (Zhejiang
Jinan, Rizhao, Dongying ( Shandong province),
Chengdu ( Sichuan province),
Changsha ( Hunan province),
Handan, Tangshan, Shijiazhuang ( Hebei province)
Kunming city ( Yunnan province)
Hohhot city (,, Inner Mongolia),,
Tianjin city
20-25 teaching hours per week, salary about 10000-15000RMB per month,
free apartment or apartment allowance, start ASAP, and all the year.
Training center offer normally work on later afternoon and weekends, one or two days off
between Monday to Friday.
2. University offer from
Nanchang ( Jiangxi province),
Luoding, Maoming ( Guangdong province)
Zhengzhou , Zhoukou (Henan province),
Chaoyang city (Liaoning province)
Qingdao city ( Shandong province)
16-18 teaching hours per week, salary about 7000-10000RMB per month,
free apartment, start at the end of February. Public school offer normally day time work from
Monday to Friday, free on weekends, no office hour be required, have summer and winter holiday.
Please advise which kinds of offers you are interested, please send me your resume,
photo, passport and degree copy for application.
When will you available to start?
I will send you right offer package upon your reply.
Look forward your further reply.

APU International School Required Degrees: BA in Elementary Education or MA for secondary
Fields of Expertise: Nursery , Elementary , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: APU International School in HCMC and Danang is seeking an Early Childhood and Primary
teacher, as well as an English writing teacher to teach a Elementary level or a college level writing
and composition course. Applicants must have a BA in Elementary Education and/or teacher
certification or MA degree or higher in English Writing, Journalism or a related degree with 12 – 18
graduate credits in English Writing from a regionally accredited university. Familiarity with
international education, especially in Asia or the developing world a plus. Instructors will be
teaching Elementary or college level courses to advanced high school students, university
preparatory courses and potentially college courses as well.
For those applicants who only possess BA degree in English can also apply for the
Language Arts Teaching positions at our High School.

Examine all 2 ads by this employer

English Canada Recruitment Required Degrees: TEFL Certificate or Diploma
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp , ESL and all other subjects
Details: We have many teaching positions in the biggest cities in South Korea, Busan, Daegu and
We are looking for a top notch candidates for the ESL teaching positions that we have in
South Korea, especially Busan, Daegu and Seoul metropolitan.
These are three most exciting cities in Korea. The people are warm, beaches are
awesome, sights are magnificent and shopping is amazing.
If you are interested in Busan, Daegu or Seoul positions
Please send your resume and photo.
1. Possible beginning date:
2. Date of Birth:
3. Preferred area: Busan, Daegu, Seoul
4. Documents:
a. TEFL Certificate or Diploma
b. Criminal Record check

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Part-Time Online ESL teacher for K-12 Students

The Opportunity
Looking for a fun and professional online teaching position with a stable income? Look no further!
At Sprout, we believe that teaching should be as enjoyable as it is rewarding, and by putting you in
control of your own virtual classroom, we bring this opportunity right into the comfort of your own
We are looking for motivated, go-getter individuals with teaching experience under their belts. As
an independent contractor, you’ll teach Chinese children under 15 using Sprout’s curriculum - no
lesson planning required!
About Sprout
Sprout is an online teaching school based in China. Known to students and parents as Whales
English, it is designed for English learners between the ages of 5 to 15 with a registered student
population of over 10000 and still expanding. We have an average of 2-3 students in a class, and
approximately over 4000 different classes with more than 400 native English-speaking teachers
from North America and the UK.
The Work
• The classes: 50-minute full immersion English language group classes
• The pay: Base rate of $18-25 per 50-minute class, plus performance-based bonuses
• The curriculum: U.S. Common Core aligned lesson material, built from the ground up by our
in-house team
• The timing: Must be available to teach during our peak hours
• The place: Conveniently teach from your own home - no commute!
• The necessities: All you’ll need is a computer, a strong internet connection, and a noise-
cancelling headset - we provide the rest
• The benefits: You will receive ongoing professional development through our teacher training
• The culture: You will learn about Chinese culture through classroom exchanges with our
• BA degree or higher
• Experience teaching kids (minimum of 1 year)
• Experience in the U.S. or Canadian education systems
• Desire to engage and inspire young learners
• At least one teaching certificate: state certifications, TESOL, TEFL, etc. (Preferred)
• ESL experience (Preferred)
Position Details
• Contract type: Independent contractor
• Start date: Immediately
• Contract term: 6 months
• Payment details: Teachers are paid through their choice of PayPal or bank transfer each
month for the previous month’s work
• Hours: Lesson times must be during our peak hours on:
EST: 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM
CST: 5:00 AM - 9:00 AM
MST: 4:00 AM - 8:00 AM
PST: 3:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Hawaii: 1:00 AM - 5:00 AM
EST: 9:00 PM - 10:00 AM
CST: 8:00 PM - 9:00 AM
MST: 7:00 PM - 8:00 AM
PST: 6:00 PM - 7:00 AM
Hawaii: 4:00 PM - 5:00 AM

Apply via:


ESL Teachers Needed in Wuhan, China

We are looking for 3 new ESL teachers to start next semester (arrive in China late August 2018).

Why Wuhan?

Wuhan is a hub city right in the center of the most highly populated portion of China, but is itself a
quiet yet modern city. High Speed train lines can get you to Beijing or Guangzhou/Shenzhen in
around 5 hours. Or how about ultra modern Shanghai, the beautiful island of Xiamen, Xi’an and
the Terracotta Warriors, Yichang and the famous 3 Gorges Dam, or Chengdu and the Panda Zoo.
All serviced by high speed rail, all connecting right here in Wuhan.

And, there’s plenty to do in Wuhan too. Multiple cultural attractions, museums, and landmarks,
including the famous Yellow Crane Tower, and the Han Street Show Theater. A good nightlife, lots
of gorgeous parks, walkways and greenways... You won’t be bored.


Hubei University of Technology is on the quieter edge of Wuhan near farmlands, yet we have
modern shopping centers like Walmart and Carrefour just 10 minutes away, and 30 minutes puts
you in the heart of Wuhan’s Central Culture District.

HBUT itself is a green, modern campus. As a public university, we offer the most stable
environment of all educational institutions in China. While we insist our teachers are properly
qualified, we also ensure your visa and other paperwork is maintained correctly and on time for as
long as you stay with us. We pay for it too!

HBUT provides a relaxed atmosphere for our teachers, and students. Once you arrive, we take
you under our wing, starting with a car pickup at the airport. We assign a bilingual student to help
you with your daily routine. We also have a full time westerner employed in our administration to
help you interface with students, staff, and life in general.

We provide you with a modern (built in 2015) air conditioned apartment, with free utilities including
WiFi/Internet. Studio apartments for singles, 2-bedroom for couples, all including the essentials
such as washing machine, flat screen TV, fully equipped kitchen, and western-style
bathroom/toilet. Anything breaks, we take care of it promptly for you.

You live right next to the campus, with local convenience stores, vegetable, fruit, and meat vendors
1 block away. And 5 on-campus multi-level cafeteria complexes all sporting a wide variety of
Chinese meals for just 10 yuan (about $1.50) or less.

Here’s what we need from you:

* Bachelors degree or higher
* Be a native English speaker. We look for clear accents and good grammar.
* Have 2 years teaching experience, OR hold a recognized TEFL certificate.

* Clean criminal record.
* Available for a minimum of 1 year contract.

* Teach oral or written English for 20 class-hours (45 min. periods) per week.
* A passion for teaching and a good attitude.

HBUT is also the sole authorized training center in Central China for the “TEFL in China” course;
the TEFL credential preferred by the Chinese government. If you need a TEFL certificate, there is a
path available to start this process before you leave home. This can be very helpful in getting your
required Z-Visa to enter China for work.

Here’s what we will do for you (amounts in CNY):

* 7,000 base pay per month. More for higher degrees and expertise.
* 100 per month accumulating increase for every year you renew.
* 2,000 – approximate per-month value of studio apartment with utilities.
* Premium quality medical insurance
(eg up to 400,000 cover for illness requiring hospitalization).
* Return airfare reimbursement to your home – up to 12,000 per year.

* Airport pickup when you first arrive.
* A team of bilingual student assistants to support you.
* A single student assigned to you specifically.
* A full time westerner to help you “assimilate”.

* Free Chinese lessons (all levels).
* Opportunities to earn additional income:
– Special classes.
– Write Articles, etc.

Once you arrive, we take care of everything. We deal with all of the bureaucracy, paperwork, fees
(except a one-time medical check-up), and deal with any changes.

We go to great lengths to provide our teachers a pleasant, safe, stress-free teaching environment
and life here at HBUT, and in Wuhan.

Contact us today to apply, or just to ask questions. We’re eager to meet you!



ECE, English, Social Studies, Chemistry Jobs in SH

Openings are all in Shanghai at various schools including ECE Teacher, Preschool/Kindergarten
English Teacher, ES/MS English Teacher, English Literature Teacher, English Writing Teacher,
Social Studies Teacher and Chemistry Teacher.

I: ECE - 5 yrs old
A prestigious International and local Kindergarten in Shanghai is looking for ECE Homeroom
teachers to teach 5 years old children.

• Minimum BA degree
• Native English-Country Speaker
• Major in teaching or education is preferred
• 2 years of teaching experience.
• Non-criminal record

1.Teach English and Math
2. Work as a homeroom teacher to manage the entire classroom
3. Build up relationship with parents, write communication book and have parent meetings.
4. Assess Children’s development and write reports for all the student in the class
5. Prepare for open day activity
6. Participate in school-wide event

Contract Term: August 15, 2018 to June 30, 2019 (renewable based on performance)
Working Hour: 8am to 4pm

Compensation and Benefits:
Salary: Minimum 20,000RMB monthly
Bonus: Based on performance
Medical Insurance: Covered through out the whole year up to 8400RMB.
Holiday: 3 weeks in Christmas and 1.5 weeks in summer.
Airline allowance: A round-way ticket from Shanghai to home city up to 12,000RMB
Leaves: 7 days paid sick leave
Professional Development: 3 opportunities per year and other team building activities.

II: Preschool and Kindergarten English Teacher
A famous International Pre-School and Kindergarten in Shanghai is looking for English teachers.
Here all classes are led by native English speakers with the assistance of Chinese teaching

Position Summary: Teach kids from 2-6 with a large variety of activities and classes, including
English, Math, Science, Construction, Story time, Gross Motor, Ball Games, Show and Tell, Music,
Guided Play, World Exploration, Theater and Baking.

• Minimum BA degree
• Native English-country speaker
• Over two years of teaching experience.
• Non-criminal record
• Good manners and love to work with little kids
• TEFL/TESOL/CELTA holders will be first considered

1. Teach daily class to kids aged from 2-6.
2. Work as a homeroom teacher to manage the entire classroom
3. Set and finish annual teaching plans
4. Organize the performance for Christmas and Promotion Day
5. Participate in school-wide event like parent conference and celebration activities, parties etc.

Contract Term: August, 2018 to June, 2019 (renewable based on performance)

Compensation and Benefits:
• Salary: 12,000-15,000RMB monthly taxable
• Bonus: 5,000RMB if returns
• Medical Insurance: covered by school.
• Holiday: Spring holidays, Christmas, Chinese holidays and three weeks in August.
• Leaves: 3 days paid sick leave.
• Housing allowance: 6,000RMB monthly

III: ES/MS English Teacher
A prestigious local school in Shanghai is looking for English teachers for ES (grade 1-5) and MS (6-
8) international divisions.

Requirement: :
• Minimum BA degree
• Native English-Country Speaker
• Major in teaching or education is a plus
• 2 years of teaching experience.
• Non-criminal record
• Good team player
• An outgoing personality
• Able to handle pressure
• Love children and education

1. Teach English, Music, Science, Arts etc.
2. Teach 22 classes (35 minutes per) weekly.
3. Design and prepare lesson based on the school curriculum.
4. Attend professional development or team meeting with PRC English teacher
5. Participate in school-wide event like parent conference, fields day and celebration activities
6. May need to sub and tutor as needed.

Contract Term: August, 2018 to July, 2019 (renewable based on performance)

Compensation and Benefits:
• Salary: net 216,000RMB annual
• Bonus: 4,000RMB per semester based on performance
• Medical Insurance: teachers are covered by school.
• Holiday: Winter and summer holiday follows Chinese school calendar. Extra 2 days at
• Airline allowance: A round-way ticket from Shanghai to home city up to 10,000RMB for
• Leaves: 6 days paid sick leave per school year.
• Housing allowance: 4,000RMB monthly
• Transportation allowance: 4,400RMB annual

More position details to be found on

If interested, please submit an online application to apply through

Emails us:

ESL Teachers for Children & Teens(7 centers in Wuhan, China)

EF is the world’s leading education company with over 500 schools and 43,500 employees. EF
Wuhan is one of the most well established EF franchises with 7 schools located in the cental area
of the city. Each school is modern and well equipped, boasting current technology, interactive
whiteboards, full Wi-FI coverage, and bright, innovative classroom design. We are looking for
English teachers, free training, experience not required.
Teaching English with EF Education First is an experience you will never forget.

*Bachelor‘’s degree
*A TEFL Certification (could be acquired after interview)
*The ability to obtain a clear background check
*The ability to live in Wuhan for at least one year
*Applicants must be citizens from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia,
New Zealand or South Africa to meet China visa regulations.

Salary and Benefits:
★★ NET AFTER TAX 14,000RMB (entry level) – 16,000RMB (experienced) teacher broken down
as follows: ★★
# Local average salary in Wuhan is 6000/month
* Up to 12,000 RMB/month NET base Salary (Commensurate with level of experience)
* 1500RMB quarterly bonus based on performance
* 2500RMB/month housing allowance and logistics support for finding an accommodation
* 9000RMB flight allowance for a 12 month contract
* Airport pick up (transfer fee covered!) and Year-round logistics support from our
experienced HR team
* Paid Z-visa, residence permit and sponsored foreign experts teaching license
* Paid initial onboarding and training
* Ongoing Regional and In-center CPD
* Paid entrance onto the Cambridge TKT
* Paid medical check and health insurance
* Paid Chinese tuition and ongoing Language Learning support
* 22 paid days holiday per year
* Paid monthly social and team-building events
* Referral schemes – 1000$ for each new teacher you refer to our recruiters
* Contract re-sign bonus of 3000RMB for 1 year contact and 10000RMB for 2 years contract (3
months ahead of the contract due date)
* Promotion opportunities in our ever expanding franchise – those who want to develop, we create
the opportunities to do so!

*Teaching English to kids in China aged 3 - 17 in groups of up to 14 students
*Planning and delivering lessons to children
*Using electronic media and EF-developed courseware to teach English efficiently and effectively
*Evaluating student progress and providing ongoing guidance for improvement to both students
and their parents
*Assigning and evaluating out of class exercises
*Participating in social activities with students organised by your school to encourage oral *English

Location :
7 centers in Wuhan



SeriousTEFL Certificate & Diploma, Your Gateway to Teaching Abroad


SeriousTEFL courses are the most technologically advanced online programs in the
industry and we were the first to offer the courses exclusively online.
Designed and implemented by experienced teachers whom have traveled and taught in
various countries, subjects and levels. Our programs practical applications aim directly
at the core of what is needed for you to become an effective ESL teacher. This is
accomplished by offering the initial know-how and confidence which is imperative for
teaching your very first class and continuously building from this platform throughout
your teaching career. Our modules and syllabus have been intensely scrutinized and
to ensure maximum coverage of all topics, techniques and strategies. Each module
covers all relatable material as well as instruct the student of the necessary tools in order
to teach effectively. Graduates that complete our course refer back to the lessons and
tips consistently when adding to their abilities and the overall classroom dynamic.
Our courses are accepted and endorsed by over 7,000 schools and educational
establishments worldwide via the International Alliance of Teachers and Employers


Ski Weather in Northeast China - Competitive wages

Ski Weather in Northeast China - Competitive wages -



ESL Teacher Positions Openned In Southern China

ESL Teacher Positions Openned In Southern China -

EFL Teacher

EFL Teacher -

English Teachers Wanted in Summer Semester!!!


teaching English in China

teaching English in China -

Great English Teaching Job

Great English Teaching Job -

Great teaching position in China-various positions

Great teaching position in China-various positions -



Giraffe English: Full-Time ESL Teacher 16-20K

Giraffe English: Full-Time ESL Teacher 16-20K -

Homebased teachers wanted (up to 50USD/ hour)

Homebased teachers wanted (up to 50USD/ hour) -

English, Math Teachers & Coordinators

English,  Math Teachers & Coordinators -

Teachers for all Subjects, all levels

Teachers for all Subjects, all levels -

Teach English in China’s Heaven on Earth-Hangzhou


three ESL teachers needed in chongqing


Teaching English from primary to high school

Teaching English from primary to high school -

School Teacher

School Teacher -

English Teacher - China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan

English Teacher - China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan -

ESL Teaching Position in China(Free Accommodation)

ESL Teaching Position in China(Free Accommodation) -

High School Teachers for 2018-2019 School Year

High School Teachers for 2018-2019 School Year -

ESL, Economics, Physics Teachers wanted

ESL, Economics, Physics Teachers wanted -

Full Time International Elementary School Teacher

Full Time International Elementary School Teacher -

Secondary English Teacher

Secondary English Teacher -

Over 100 TEFL jobs in China with one application!

Over 100 TEFL jobs in China with one application! -

High-paid Teacher Jobs - Primary, PE, Art, & Music

High-paid Teacher Jobs - Primary, PE, Art, & Music -

Online Tutors for Kids Needed

Online Tutors for Kids Needed -

ELTI - English Language Training Instructor


Expereinced Teachers Needed in KSA

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